35 year old woman in Chengdu after the discovery of tumor kidney cut bomb (video) aquaria

Chengdu 35 year old woman was found after the tumor was cut kidney tumor bomb at noon on the day of the Sichuan University West China Hospital (micro-blog WeChat) Department of Endocrinology, Wang Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym) is receiving hormone replacement therapy. A week ago, Wang Xiaoxiao received surgical resection of adrenal tumors, and other patients are not the same, at the time of surgery, her unborn baby is 6 months old. Originally, the king Xiao Xiao in pregnancy examination found the right adrenal gland is a 3.5 cm long in the secretion of cortisol adenoma, has been caused, her blood pressure soared high, the children and their own is "the bomb". However, for the removal of adrenal gland tumors in pregnant women at the same time to ensure the safety of fetal surgery, which is very rare in the domestic and international reports and medical literature. The blood pressure were found the culprit: higher adrenal tumor Wang Xiaoxiao 35 year old, will soon usher in the first baby, my family are very happy. But the children around 16 weeks of pregnancy, but found that some of Wang Xiaoxiao’s blood pressure is not normal, even as high as 200 Kappa high above, and the blood potassium continued to decline, heart and renal function damaged, suspected there was gestational hypertension status. By the end of the 25 week, the doctor initially estimated the risk of eclampsia, and further examination revealed that Wang Xiaoxiao’s right adrenal gland had a diameter of about 3.5 cm long. "It was found that this is a rare non ACTH dependent Cushing syndrome." West China Hospital of Sichuan University (micro-blog, WeChat) and adrenal hypertension Department of urology surgery group leader Zhu Yuchun told reporters, she leads to elevated blood pressure "culprit" is the adrenal tumors that has been in secretion of the hormone cortisol, leading to high blood pressure." Zhu Yuchun said, worse still, cortisol secretion and infection, drugs can not be effectively controlled. At the same time, the hormone also led to a large number of proteins in the patient’s decomposition, the patient’s skin will become thin, you can see the clear facial capillaries." Zhu Yuchun said, in the face of Wang Xiaoxiao can see obvious acne, purple stripes, which is also the performance of the Cushing syndrome. Doctors consultation to remove the adenoma mother fetal safety is understood, Cushing syndrome, although rare, but surgical resection of adenoma treatment is not difficult. Difficult, Xiao Xiao is a pregnant woman 25 weeks pregnant. Zhu Yuchun said, nearly three years, Cushing Department of Urology of West China Hospital of Sichuan University admissions of patients with a total of 68 people, while Wang Xiaoxiao is pregnant patients only. Surgical removal, anesthesia may affect the fetus, intraoperative operation may lead to miscarriage. Even if the adenoma is removed, the reduction of hormone secretion leads to poor control of blood pressure after surgery. But do not do surgery, Wang Xiaoxiao’s pre eclampsia will continue to deteriorate, the risk of approaching the mother and child step by step. Zhu Yuchun initiated consultation invitation, including Sichuan University Huaxi second hospital obstetrics, anesthesiology, including the Department of a large discussion of the 7. Operation in poorly controlled high blood pressure, cardiac function is poor, which is a stumbling block. A surgical protocol that has been agreed upon by the consultation, which has little effect on the fetus, the use of available drugs during pregnancy, and the close monitoring of blood pressure throughout the procedure, is feasible. November 1st, Wang Xiaoxiao was pushed into the operation room, the whole minimally invasive surgery takes 40 minutes. Surgery, intensive care unit doctors to track the whole process to ensure that pregnant!相关的主题文章: