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[map] the first 28T new luxury Buick GL8 Car Buying manual – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto   new]2016 year in November 5th, SAIC Buick new GL8 officially listed, the new car launched a total of 5 models, the price range of 28.99-44.99 million. The new car is replacing 2.0T engine, using multi link independent rear suspension, and provides 5 kinds of body color purple, including Avenir exclusive count. Compared to the old section of Buick GL8, the new car looks more stylish, configuration is also more humane, to meet the needs of two aspects of household and business. The new 2.0T engine and rear independent suspension to join, so that power and control significantly improved. Such a consideration of the home and business reception Almighty MPV how should we choose it, let us together to understand.   vehicle profile:   Prospect Analysis:     from the current market sales, SAIC GM GL8 is a well deserved leader in this level. However, more and more high-end individuals, family consumers began to look more features, more MPV crew models. The reason, which is the new Buick GL8 future, Buick GL8 models of various grades of goal is clear, and the low distribution models to meet the needs of high-end home; and with models for traditional business users; more personalized version of Avenir for the pursuit of high-end consumers out of the ordinary. Only by a model of high-end MPV market all the coverage, I think only GL8 only emboldened to do so.   guidance price:   a new generation of Buick GL8 launched a total of 5 models, the price range of 28.99-44.99 million, the difference between adjacent models in the 3-5 million. By comparison, the highest price difference between the two models for the 28T flagship and Avenir, the difference between the smallest of the two models for the 28T luxury and 28T flagship. Since the whole system is equipped with the same 2.0T engine and rear wheel independent suspension, so the price difference is mainly reflected in the interior material and configuration richness.     vehicle parameters:     configuration analysis: recommended models: 28T comfortable type ( .); admittedly, a new generation of Buick GL8 in the overall configuration compared to the old models has significantly improved, which include: increasing internal velvet seat and LED top liner lighting, Onstar Jetion full time assistant, automatic air conditioning, electric sunroof configuration, greatly improve the ride comfort of the passengers in the back. And the whole system is equipped with 2.0T engine, rear suspension replacement for multi link independent suspension, in the power, fuel consumption and control of these aspects of the old models are stronger than many. So for the price of 289 thousand and 900 yuan, or very real. But this is all standard, in the back of the car, we can see more user-friendly configuration, made good money, we look down.   recommended models: 28T)相关的主题文章: