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[S] I stroll around the capital Vitoria view pocket dead you – Sohu tourism Seychelles is a small, small as well as a whole to be the tail of the country, such as people have the army, although the army has 800 people, they also have the capital, although only 25 thousand people in the capital, known as the "pocket capital". Seychelles is the capital of Vitoria, is the only city in the country, there is a traffic light in town, a post office, a cinema,…… don’t think it is small, but the walk Vitoria is hiding the seychelles. Vitoria said, from the hotel to the city have to go to a hotel, recommend the bus, and inform the car place, there is no sign, sign on the ground, almost missed the bus trip, not a bad trip. The car is a bit of work, not many people in the car a little shabby, but with strong legs, but also look at the scenery outside the window, such as taxi fare 5 rupees per person, nearly 200 rupees, not spending money is not a good consumer. Into the city, get off at the India Temple Station, just watch the India famous temple, because do not understand Hindu rules, not into the temple, look at the appearance, in the surrounding is very special, Vitoria is so big, it is said that some tourists also can not find the India temple. India temple is in front of the market street, the street is not long, some shops, the most eye-catching is the vegetable market, vegetable varieties, the fish is very fresh, see people buy and selling vegetables, really turn for a while, do not look at how markets can become a good cook traveler? Out of the market, walk in the street, the house in Vitoria is not high, the basic rules, but also some color, like a small town, no matter what, as long as in the blue sky, what are good-looking, travel is a landmark for lung. There is a church, not far from the hillside has simple shape, simple interior, but people also think it is heaven to place in the church to sit, do not pray for what, just want to feel that a quiet, lively but not some travel map clean map. No goal to walk down the street, what travel must have a goal, no goal of travel is the real voyage of discovery, this is not found, a street food, this is too important, lunch is here to solve it, incidentally, the first time that delicious pizza, the reason is really hungry. Go to the independent street, this is the Vitoria important street, there is a two-way two lane, graffiti wall adds a touch of playful to solemn capital, see the study tour of the Seychelles children could not help but smile, there is no fixed travel attractions, see is your sights. Independent Street little Ben is the landmark of Vitoria, 5 meters high, is a distant relative of London Big Ben, a colonial flavor, here is Vitoria’s only traffic light is located, as a stranger, sitting on the roadside street at the moment. Near the stupid little bell, a nondescript building is the only post office, because only, so classic, competing to become tourist attractions, tourists in this photo, a postcard, incidentally, the past half a month, send postcards haven’t received it. Go ahead, is precisely the Seychelles Museum.相关的主题文章: