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More than 500 people in 108 hours of life rescue: Hebei Lixian County rescue documentary fall well children (Figure) – the new Beijing Baoding 11 November Xinhua: more than 500 people in 108 hours of life rescue: Hebei Lixian County rescue falling documentary for children in the new network reporter Lv Zihao 23:10 on November 10th, after 108 hours of continuous hard the rescue, Hebei Lixian County falling children was rescued by medical experts, identification of children have died. The scene, mining vehicles, earth moving vehicles, police cars, the whistle blew, off small Cong; onlookers, the rescue team, media reporters, look dignified, watched the ambulance away. Blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi sorry to say that this is a waste of the dry years, underground debris is very much, although many detection, but did not find the child. Until digging to the bottom, and found the child in the mud under. Children fall well multi rescue the morning of November 6th, Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Changcun villagers Zhao Xiangyang led the daughter and son to Cong dug in cabbage, will be returned, found the tricycle can not be launched, called Zhao Zikang to help the villagers. In the process of launching the tricycle, the child unattended, accidentally fell more than 40 meters of abandoned wells. Parents immediately to 110 alarm, and to the village for help. The first time rushed to the incident to the south is Baoding city Tangxian County bingchen. On the morning of 6, he is leading the two excavators in the vicinity from the incident and the Cong grandpa dig yam, when to eat lunch, Cong grandpa suddenly received a telephone call "the child fell into the well". "I took the excavator to the scene, and we first started digging. Police, fire quickly rushed to the scene, began transporting oxygen to the underground." Nan Bingchen said that now China, the country is strong, people’s life is rich, can be a force in the face of difficulties, which fully reflects and interpretation of the great love. 5 days has affected the income of more than 20 thousand yuan, but as long as you can find the child, their losses and then most of the value." The time of the incident, the construction site in Luqiao Construction Group Co. Ltd. Qu Hong Kong high-speed Lixian County section project manager Liu Zheng and his friends are about 10 kilometers away, receiving aid after the news, immediately sent two excavators rushed to the scene. After the rescue mission was found to be more difficult, then all 35 large machinery all transferred to the scene to rescue. "Our construction site has been suspended". Site rescue deputy commander, deputy magistrate of Lixian County Wu Sujie said that after the incident, the county quickly launched an emergency plan, the establishment of a command field, launched an orderly rescue. During the period, blue rescue team, the rescue team, Baoding timely rescue team, Baoding spring charity group, Bo Yexin of the association of love, Gaoyang Love Association, Anguo City, Lixian County youth volunteers love group more than and 20 social groups have also joined to the rescue. 10 at 23:30 Xu, Wu Sujie, deputy governor of Lixian County announced to the media: through unremitting efforts, the children were found to fall well, but unfortunately, confirmed by medical experts, the child has no vital signs, very sorry. Lv Zihao photo rescue operations constantly dangerous 7, digging out of the soil相关的主题文章: