Indifferent pleasant leisure travel week autumn – South Korea 魔界骑士イングリッド

Indifferent pleasant leisure travel week autumn – South Korea people say that autumn is a harvest season, so this autumn I harvest full of beauty. In a sunny Saturday as I enjoy in the southeast to Mashan Mashan GAGOPA chrysanthemum Festival, South Korea has Mashan cultivation history of chrysanthemum, the total cultivated area of South Korea at 13%, South Korea has become a resort as everyone knows the chrysanthemum industry. The Mashan has for the chrysanthemum cultivation soil and warm climate, Mashan chrysanthemum obtained the domestic and foreign certification, so in order to promote the publicity from Mashan chrysanthemum start holding Mashan chrysanthemum festival. The car will be able to smell the fragrance of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum into the celebration scene riotous with colour on the eye, red like fire, yellow like gold, white snow, green jade, powder like a piece of clouds, and white with green light, elegant, beautiful. The event is also the layout of the chrysanthemum riotous with colour is very beautiful, there are a lot of scene by chrysanthemum put into various animal shapes and building chrysanthemum exhibits for the tourists, a carriage, shark, desire tower, peacock, Ma Chang Bridge etc.. In order to tourists can better carry out the chrysanthemum tour, intimate organizers for visitors to appreciate the chrysanthemum mission, took the staff to the task of paper, find the writing task on the paper where the attractions can be finished a picture of a bunch of beautiful small chrysanthemum as a gift. Not only can watch the beautiful chrysanthemum, but also can get a small gift, is worth a visit to the celebration. Attended the celebration we rushed to Ulsan, went to Ulsan’s famous purple crystal cave, it reminds me of the tomb in that boat into the hole of the screen when sitting on the hole, exactly the same, it is worth to experience a feel. Next we will officially enter the cave to visit the cave, there are fountains, and a variety of riotous with colour lights is very beautiful, occasionally also can see the beautiful amethyst. What surprised me most was all inside cave and cafes, can drink a cup of coffee in the cave inside different romantic experience. Go to the end of the cave, you can see from the Philippines acrobatic troupe performances. Although it is an ordinary cave, but there really is complete, everything. The end of the tour we purple crystal cave and came to Ulsan at day camping field to see the small open-air Pavilion starlight concert, autumn night is very cold, the organizers to prepare blankets and open heaters for us, with music, let us enjoy the spring, warm, romantic. The song of the concert is also the most popular, combined with their own characteristics, but also do not have a flavor. This event is the highlight of the morning of the second day trip to new Foshan. The second day early in the morning, eating breakfast in a hurry up go to Ulsan and Foshan began to climb the highest, climbed two hours to get to the top, the climbing process is very difficult, here I will not open. But after two hours of hard, there is an outdoor Taoyuan waiting for you immediately click into place at the top of the mountain. A very beautiful purple awn plain liver Ramadan in new Foshan at the top of the hill, mountain fog, like a fairyland. Purple mans look so beautiful. Photos are not special effects can shoot.相关的主题文章: