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Where did the money come from? An entrepreneur needs to be aware of the problems reported in August 30th (compilation: hunting cloud network stacks) for start-up enterprises, financing has always been the toil of live. Industry professionals spend a lot of ink to analyze the attention to do when the pitch to attract venture capital, but also countless tips commitment to help entrepreneurs succeed in obtaining financing. However, everyone’s attention on the wind, trying to join to understand exactly how to venture capital, but few people will pay attention to the limited partner. They are the source of funding behind the completion of the financing round. In other words, venture capital comes from limited partners. A limited partner of the form and money can make tens of thousands of dollars to check: every kind of person, can offer more than $100 million and check the sovereign wealth funds, family offices or financial institutions limited partners — insurance, fund, pension, like bank, fund, insurance company or companies such as asset management institutions. For the success of start-ups, attracting the right investors is crucial. The reality is that there is no venture capital, most startups will be stagnant development. There is no limited partner, venture capital does not have to invest in these start-ups. Therefore, although the importance of limited partners is rarely discussed in the science and technology circles, they play an essential role in the process of innovation. Limited partners can bring additional value for the enterprise? Twentieth Century the birth of modern venture capital system thanks to Arthur Rock and Laurance Rockefeller two commercial bull efforts. The two of them are involved in the investment in high-tech circles of young companies. Since then, we have seen the development of venture capital industry and play a new role in the circle of science and technology. Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the emergence of the trend of value added ", namely venture capital is not only to provide funds to expand their network of contacts, they will invest in themselves a enterprises to provide numerous benefits. This trend naturally raises another question: will limited partners do the same? If so, what is their unique value? I believe the answer to this question is yes. In fact, the added value of limited partners has long been on the line". What are the benefits? Many limited partners have recently emphasized the term "partner" in the concept of limited partners. They are not only the creation of financial providers, but also gradually began to serve as a trusted advisor. In addition to providing funds, limited partners can also provide entrepreneurs with the main trends in the circle of science and technology circles and related information. It is very important to introduce, some limited partners can provide business value through referral partners and customers, this can let start-ups enter into a Sand Hill Road (or South Park) different social circle. Take a recent example. Inv Vintage.相关的主题文章: