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P2P regulatory rules landing vest to vacuum platform Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! P2P regulatory rules landing platform "vest" is a vacuum zone of the each reporter Deng Liping P2P regulatory policy finally landed, but the discussion is not the end. Before the P2P net loan regulation policy landing, there has been a lot of the platform began to transition, such as the group of Internet financial platform, technology or financial company, so these have transformation platform, or just by transformation to change the vest platform, are not in the scope of regulation? Insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter said that regulators insist is through regulation, no matter what the company is, as long as the community oriented financial services, there must be a regulatory authority, if not the P2P net loan platform, it should also have the corresponding competent authorities, will be the supervision of relevant departments. Regulatory vacuum does not exist, many industry insiders had expected, in strict accordance with the implementation of regulatory policies, there will be a large number of P2P platform was eliminated. However, in the face of strict regulatory policies, there is a platform that we are not P2P, or that P2P is just a small piece of business". In fact, from last year, there have been P2P net loan platform began to transition, or stripping the financial side, or to the comprehensive financial restructuring, but also said he is a financial technology company. So, a variety of non P2P net loan platform for Internet banking platform, it is not within the scope of the regulation? Guangzhou e loan president Fang told the daily economic news reporter, said regulators had already stressed the need to carry through management, through the business surface, to see what is the essence of business. For example, if they are P2P net loan, which is the point of view, you need to be regulated by the rules of the net loan regulation; and if it is other business forms, it may be docking other regulatory authorities. Early in March this year, the central bank vice governor Pan Gongsheng made it clear that, for Internet banking should be implemented through regulation, which is in accordance with the principle of "identifying the nature of business substanceoverform", according to the business functions and legal attribute of clear regulatory rules. "As long as the money from the society, must be designated to a certain class, there is a department in charge, there can be no vacuum." Song Fang think, in fact, now in addition to P2P stressed that the record management, other financial business form is to get a license, without a licence, and (oneself) is not P2P, it may be suspected of illegal fund-raising. In fact, regulators had been on the relatively hot financial technology has made a statement. A central bank official in July 2nd a series of training executives Internet financial practitioners institutions sponsored by the association of Internet financial Chinese "(second)" the meeting that the development of Internet banking, should make a clear distinction between financial and Fintech (Financial Technology) line. Fint theory相关的主题文章: