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Long march   Jingdong; poverty alleviation miles started in Jinggangshan — Finance — people.com.cn September 27th, Jingdong group "Long March, poverty alleviation Wanlixing supplier precise poverty building activities in Jiangxi grand start city in Jinggangshan province. Deputy director of the general office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of Jiangxi province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Liu Ye, deputy inspector Yuan Jianjun, Ji’an Municipal Committee, union president Liu Xianqing, executive vice president of Jingdong Lanye group, vice president of Jingdong, party secretary Long Baozheng, vice president of the group, Jingdong Yuechuan attended the launching ceremony. Jingdong poverty alleviation activities aimed at deepening the implementation of the national poverty alleviation strategy, to play the advantages of Jingdong proprietary electronic business platform, and fully mobilize all social forces to jointly promote regional poverty alleviation work. During the anti-poverty Tour event, Jingdong group and Ji’an City, Taihe County signed a business poverty alleviation precise strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the depth of cooperation in the rural areas, poverty alleviation, business innovation of agricultural financial services etc.. Business vice president, the signing ceremony of the precise poverty group Jingdong Jingdong group Party Secretary Long Baozheng said: "Ji’an is the first station in Jinggangshan and the long march of the Red Army, and is an old revolutionary base, the Jingdong group has the responsibility and obligation to help Ji’an area, Taihe County of Jinggangshan, to help in the development of electronic commerce, to help the old people out of poverty. Today the building activities, not only is the joint Jingdong supplier caring donations of materials; more important is through the industry, business, labor and other forms of poverty, the development of economy and industry to help poor old revolutionary base, with the industry driven enterprise, enterprise to improve the product, product brand, brand to achieve income." Play self business advantages, promote economic development in old revolutionary base areas since the beginning of 2015, the Jingdong to promote rural economic development and improve the quality of life in the countryside is the core goal, greatly promoting the construction of rural basic network layout of the electricity supplier, a dense nationwide rural electricity supplier service network. In March this year, the Jingdong 1000th County Service Center was officially put into operation in Jinggangshan revolutionary base areas, give full play to the advantages of the electricity supplier Jingdong, by building the county service center focused on local resources, precise poverty, not only to enhance the quality of life of local residents in Jinggangshan, is to play the role of radiation, to further promote the Jinggangshan county regional electricity supplier development. 1000th County Service Center located in Jinggangshan, is a Jingdong adhere to the quality of business strategy, to promote regional economic development, poverty alleviation and development assistance achievements, is the integration of local government resources, with "Internet plus" thinking to achieve poverty alleviation and development, invigorate the regional economic beneficial attempt. At present, the Jingdong has to carry out poverty in Shaanxi, Guangdong, cooperation in Sichuan, Jiangxi and other places, to support local industry, support local museum operation, promote the rural logistics system and life service platform construction together with the local government. Until now, the Jingdong has been in the seven major areas of nearly 30 county to complete the recruitment, including Hebei Luanping, Henan Shenqiu, Shaanxi Yanchuan, Sichuan Cangxi, Guizhou Danzhai. Cangxi, Sichuan and other projects supported by Jingdong in the country has formed a brand effect. Poverty alleviation, Jingdong is promoting cooperation with universities相关的主题文章: