He was sealed Taiwan version of Baoqiang Wang, after the divorce of his ex-wife and others born 4 Ba sql server 2000 个人版

He was a Taiwan version of Baoqiang Wang, after the divorce, raising 4 Baby Zhao Qing’s ex-wife and others born according to Taiwan media reports, the mainland actor Baoqiang Wang announced the day before the divorce and Ma Rong, a woman called poke and broker Song Zhe affair, was to betrayal, sensational entertainment news. In fact, 10 years ago Zhao Qing also faced a similar situation, being cheated Xinti ex-wife savings of 50 million yuan and 3 houses, dubbed the "Taiwan version of Baoqiang Wang, he was unable to face the outside world was transferred to the mainland development, after 10 years of hard work, 31 days before coming again in the media, see flowers once eyes suffused with tears. Emotional. Zhao Qing is the 90s drama popular niche, "Romeo and Zhu Yingtai" played red couple in VII butterfly, visibility is big, but 10 years ago suddenly disappeared, afterwards just know is his ex-wife betrayed, so he transferred to the mainland, but also raise his ex-wife and others gave birth to 4 children, once the body only the remaining 50 yuan, let the fans feel distressed. The screenshots he attended the 31 station "II" reading time, for the first time to face the media some excited mood, see flowers once eyes reddening, "in the" Fairy "character is very depressed, introverted, and for the first time as an affair is male, hope the audience does not feel the same, can finally go home filming." Although the actor was an actor, but he said, derailed this thing, really very hateful." Zhao Qing worked hard in the mainland for 10 years, through the hard way, "he lamented after a failed marriage, more or less heart injury, injury is not important, how to remember the pain from failure, slowly appreciate this experience, it is helpful to show, now is not the same as before to show." His ex-wife did not divorce heel contact again, for the 4 child was raised, he was only in 2007 with money to buy 4 tickets, the child returned to his ex-wife sister station. Zhao Qing recently in micro-blog for the king’s ex-wife Ma Rong speech, he clarified, in fact, is to stand on the child’s point of view, after the child to see the mother was said to be like this, the mood will be how, so it will be issued." Zhao Qing after divorce after 10 years, it also had a new love, affection for now? He did not respond positively, "said once bitten, ten years shy grass snake, but I won’t." But he did not consider remarriage, marriage this wound is a bit deep, so it will not touch." Related news he was ex roll run 10 million, also helped raise her 6 children, poor to only 10 yuan source: Phoenix Entertainment time: May 6, 2016 Zhao Qing according to Taiwan media reports, the 47 year old actor Zhao Qing 7 years ago was ex swept away 50 million yuan (about 10 million yuan) in cash and 3 houses, broke to the development of Beijing the most down, the body is only 50 yuan (about 10 yuan). Recently his low-key return to Taipei filming, but also practice a strong circle, naiyouxiaosheng become masculine uncle, almost make only superficial changes. A marriage made him all this money was asked whether the future, dare to remarry? He said with a wry smile: "not at this stage, because the work is not enough, but I really want to have kids, the future is not exclusive." Gentle white Zhao Qing in Taiwan in the past to MR image, he recently witnessed import television, I asked to know he got jinzhong.相关的主题文章: