your name was the novel version of house idiotic, infant to anger spray! rewrite攻略�

"" your name "was the novel version of house: idiotic, infant to anger spray! "The New Anime" your name "has achieved good results at the box office in Japan, its box office champion and the audience constantly reputation as a full harvest praise". However, in contrast, "your name" novel, although sales has exceeded 1 million, but from the reader’s feedback, the fans did not buy it. Recently, there is more friends stand up anger spray "your name" the novel version, said it is idiotic to infant children’s literature! "Your name". "" your name "novel introduction wrote:" I’m three, I live in a small town surrounded by mountains, and grandmother and sister four living together, I was a very ordinary high school students, it should be like this. It is in my own life for one day in disgust that I prayed to God to "let me become Tokyo handsome boy!" Don’t know what is going on, am I dreaming? I turned into a boy! But this dream is true oh! Is it true that I’m in a swap with the boy’s soul?! This is a story about two people who shouldn’t have met!" Brief introduction to the contents of the book page fans very idiotic for this brief introduction, on the house have commented: "those idiotic marysue the main character of the novel often introduce themselves and say ‘I am a very ordinary senior high school students." "The content is actually idiotic, this is originally to the infant." "The work is to see the little girl, the children’s literature." "No matter how fiction, anyway, movies will go down in history as the." "Your name". "(source: swim fast network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: