Scrapped vehicles to make up the five largest assembly of the ban to bring huge market space 姉summer

Scrapped vehicles five assembly remanufacturing intends to ban the huge market space of scrapped vehicles five assembly and manufacturing, intends to ban the reporter Zhao Jing, editor of millet according to the "State Council on Revising the" scrap car recycling management approach "decision (Draft)", scrapped vehicles five assembly and manufacturing the lifting of the ban. Circular of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office official website said, because the Pilot Remanufacturing of scrapped cars nationwide in our country is an important measure to promote the development of circular economy, and the current "management measures" requirements, scrap cars five assembly can only sell as scrap metal to iron and steel enterprises for smelting raw materials therefore, this provision is no longer meet the need of automobile remanufacturing industry, intends to modify. This will not only promote the accelerated development of the automotive remanufacturing industry, but also for the automotive scrap recycling market to release a vast space." Industry analysts say. The "five big assembly" refers to the automobile engine, gearbox, front axle, rear axle and frame. In 2001 the introduction of abandoned car recycling management approach provides that the five largest assembly shall not be manufactured. Since then, the provisions of the re manufacturing pilot in a small range of loose. 2008, the automotive parts remanufacturing pilot management approach issued by the approval of the 14 pilot enterprises, the "Big Five" re manufacturing, but strict requirements can only be recycled products, can only enter the aftermarket. Subsequently, the scope and content of the pilot in 2011 to 2014 between the three degree expansion. In the scrap motor vehicle recycling and dismantling regulations (Draft), also proposed to allow the five major assembly remanufacturing. December 2014, the national development and Reform Commission issued on the promotion of remanufacturing products pilot enterprises, but also on the auto parts for the old and then give 10% subsidy policy. Data show that in 2015, China’s automobile cancellation amount of 6 million 40 thousand, accounting for car ownership of 3.51%. That year the amount of car recycling for 1 million 700 thousand, accounting for 0.99% of car ownership, accounting for sales of injection of 28%. Joaquin securities recently released research report is expected to 2016, China’s automobile recycling is expected to reach 2 million 800 thousand. While the rate of scrap in the developed countries (the proportion of scrap cars and ownership) is about 6% to 8%, the recovery rate is from 5% to 7%. Even in the scrap rate lower, China’s automobile manufacturing materials recycling enterprises or can not meet the production capacity is limited, and the constraint is one of the current ban "scrap auto recycling remanufacturing management measures" of the "big five assembly". On the five assembly remanufacturing ban means that the future of a huge market space. Dongxing securities research report predicts that in 2020 China’s cars will be more than 200 million, if the scrap rate of 6% to 8%, scrapped vehicles will reach 12 million to 16 million vehicles, the overall size of the scrapped vehicles recycling industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan. China’s scrap car dismantling industry is expected to experience three stages of production capacity, capacity upgrading and industrial maturity. At present, A shares of listed companies, the industry involved in the equipment category, recycling class, resource class theory相关的主题文章: