Husband and wife ten years of IVF children selling 7 surgery fundraising helmet怎么读

Husband and wife ten years of IVF children selling 7 surgery fundraising in October Qi Shuyun stroked the baby’s stomach is very happy. Original title: ten years of IVF couples do fundraising road selling her white walls ward 7 surgery does not relieve nerves from Qi Shuyun, the evening of October 24th was sent to the hospital, her one night not to sleep, sudden rupture of amniotic fluid, make her extremely worried about the fetus’s safety, as by IVF surgery to get this the child she is, can not afford any accident. From 28 to 38 years old ten years, Qi Shuyun had countless times to the hospital, the normal female children pregnant in October, to pay for ten years she was a child. In fact, Qi Shuyun, such as infertility in a small number of people. "Data shows that as early as 2012 Chinese women of childbearing age birth environment survey" Statistics: due to environmental pollution, lack of knowledge of reproductive and recurrent abortion, work pressure and other factors, in recent years China’s infertility increased year by year, the incidence of infertility patients up to 20%. Infertility couples have gradually become a social problem. Ten years, from a variety of traditional Chinese medicine, folk prescription to IVF, Qi Shuyun hopes to become the mother of hope and despair. Ten years, did a test tube baby surgery, she is how to adhere to the seven? And what kind of story? Classify themselves as "defects" who are inferior 38 year old Qi Shuyun often missed their first pregnancy feeling, the natural pregnancy, did not bring much to her surprise. Like many young people, Qi Shuyun easily gave up the little life, anyway, very young, anyway, pregnancy is easy". And when she was 28 years old ready to have children, the doctor checked her bilateral tubal adhesions, not easy to be pregnant. Qi Shuyun is not convinced, "I’m 28 years old, so young, afraid of what" in the next three years, Qi Shuyun hope that drug treatment is good for the body, but a lot of bad medicine results. The doctor examined her premature ovarian failure, every month a few mature follicles. Toss three years down, has not returned to normal breeding function, Qi Shuyun exhausted, had to test tube baby surgery as the last straw. Qi Shuyun often his first test tube baby experience as experience and lesson to other patients to listen to. "Hoping for a successful mood can lead to a high degree of nervousness, anxiety and irritability," Qi Shuyun said. In 2009, Qi Shuyun received the first test tube baby operation, with the help of medical technology to meet the eggs and sperm in vitro and developed into a "seed" after the transplant back to the womb of Qi Shuyun. The end of surgery, Qi Shuyun returned home to await the seed air plant in her belly. Because I heard that the bed can help the implantation of the fertilized egg, back home Qi Shuyun lying in bed dare not move, tense, wind window "crash", she also scared her kids a husband shut the door after her heart jumped too heavy. She refused to get up, living on the bed. Lying on the bed, she asked her husband to feed her相关的主题文章: