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A shares were again Mid Autumn Festival? Big data show the holiday market or welcome broad market external market volatility of A shares of the Mid Autumn Festival robbery last week A stock market performance is more strange, on the surface of four Yin and Yang, low volume restricts the market rebound, the market lack of sustained hot, especially the Shanghai Composite Index on Thursday hit a 14 year minimum amplitude record on Friday, in a piece of good news in the sound of diving turned green, one after another fall 5 days, 10 days, 20 day moving average three points. The advent of the Mid Autumn Festival this week, the U.S. stock market crash, the market volatility in the case of the former, the mood has always been a strong hedge A shares before the market will suffer another mid autumn robbery? On Friday evening, U.S. stocks fell, and fell Tiaokong "efforts are rare in 3 months. Specifically, the Dow Jones index, S & P 500 index, the NASDAQ index fell by 2.13%, respectively, 2.45%, 2.54%, the biggest one-day decline since the British referendum this year. Germany DAX, the FTSE index and other major European stock index also fell significantly. As for the decline reasons, analysts generally believe that the Fed officials hawkish remarks and oil prices weighed on stocks. In addition, North Korea conducted a nuclear test, triggering investor unease, boosting investor sell-off of u.s.. In general, this week will usher in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, A shares only 3 trading days, no issue of new shares, the funds will be in the face of the central bank to shorten the length of the regulation of smooth holidays. However, the recent stock market continued to narrow shocks, on the dilemma, the external market turmoil is likely to make the direction of choice to the long-term consolidation of A shares. In addition, A stock investors have long plot, considering the long period of uncertainty, not willing to holding the holidays, so before the earthquake is the first priority. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday BACKPROBE strong incoming intervention in the market or welcome broad market flush through the historical statistical data, to look at the market in the Mid Autumn Festival: exactly how to go from the flush data back to the test: before the Mid Autumn Festival, the Shanghai index trend on the whole is still relatively weak, from 06 years to 15 years ten years after the trading day, fell a greater probability, and the rise of the trading day up efforts not urgent expectations, of which 08 years ten days before the Mid Autumn Festival radical index fell over 13%, while only five trading days 14 years before the Mid Autumn Festival there have been nearly 5% point rise. While the festival market was strong, stock index in a semester after the rise in the probability of up to 80%, the Shanghai index rose by an average of 2.82%, up to 08, 09 years after the envelopes, a week after the holiday time rose more than 7%. After 15 days, the stock index trend is still strong, the overall trend is upward shock. The past ten years, with 80% probability rise after ten days, the festival red envelopes for the most is 10 years, the stock index in the fifteen day after the stock index rose nearly 15% from the statistical data, the conclusion is: the cash holdings or before the festival continues to be the best choice for investors after the Mid Autumn Festival in the stock market will gain more or less. So where is the investment opportunity?       from the data back to the survey, we see the past 6 years in September]相关的主题文章: