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A man online selling counterfeit cigarettes sold 500 thousand years made a circle of friends show "performance" – Beijing Yantai 90 young men, even in the online public sale of counterfeit cigarettes. He got from the line of various brands of counterfeit cigarettes, through the network, to resell the middle line, more than a year to sell about 500000. Recently, Shandong Province, the Penglai police cracked the case of illegal business, four counterfeit cigarettes traffickers all arrested. Reporter Gao Qian correspondent Xu Zhong at the end of March this year, Penglai police received together transferred from the Penglai Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau clues. Previously, the staff of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in the express bus and inspect the enforcement process, seized two batches of counterfeit cigarettes. Responsible for the transport of counterfeit cigarettes and Teng tube, all say they smoke from a Laizhou dealer surnamed Ren buys the counterfeit cigarettes. Look from the surface, the two false smoke value is not too big, but Penglai policemen feel hidden behind this is definitely not a little secret. According to Teng, tube two people confessed that they and Yim did not met, but through WeChat or QQ search keywords to find the "cigarettes" yim. Subsequently, the police also opened renmou WeChat and QQ, the results shocked, Yuxi, China, furongwang…… Selling cigarette brand renmou not only selling cigarettes a superb collection of beautiful things, in a flagrant way, but he is very arrogant, and even some "big" express a single photo directly attached to the circle of friends, seems to show off their impressive performance". He was born in 1992. According to his confession, his family conditions in general, never graduated from junior high school to go out to work, because there are selling counterfeit cigarettes around to see people earn money, from the beginning of 2014 August, Yim also like other people to learn, in line with the Fujian side of the counterfeiters to contact, lower than the market price of the purchase price of many cigarettes. The sale of cigarettes and then released information on the internet. Penglai police according to Yim account inquiries, found that the biggest transaction amount of up to hundreds of thousands of yuan, of which Lu, Gao, Zhou is the larger of the three line of buyers, the amount of transactions in more than 50 thousand yuan. Subsequently, the policemen of Yim QQ, WeChat released cigarette price information, fixed evidence, investigation evidence on other persons to buy cigarettes from somewhere. In May 27th, when Laizhou was appointed to a a local Internet cafe, was waiting for the time the police in one fell swoop, and lvmou three people in Hebei, Henan and other places have been arrested, so far, four suspects in the case of counterfeit cigarettes were all appearing in court. It is understood that since August 2014, as a criminal suspect in the tobacco monopoly retail license for the case, from Fujian, Guangdong, Yuxi, and the illegal purchase of counterfeit furongwang and Nanjing cigarette brand after the release of sales information through WeChat, QQ and other channels, illegal business amount up to 55 yuan. Currently, Ren and other four suspects on suspicion of illegal business crime has been taken coercive measures according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: