A report on the defense [football cube]07 and justice league only scored 1 goals mentalist

]07 report: [football magic defense and justice league only scored 1 goals [APP] a recommended   football cube; Monday 005 2016-11-08 06:00:00 West VS defense and justice Aldo APP: Aldo West football cube probability winning the game is 36%, the probability of tied for 32%, defense and justice for the winning probability 32%. More accurate information on log football cube APP. SMG 2.55 2.80 2.63         SMG disc 1.97 tied 1.95         day 2.80 3   2.70   1   a Xiweiben in Aldo River team Season 1 wins 3 flat 4 negative, accumulate 6 points ranked third. 2 defense and Justice League this season only scored 1 goals, tied for less than second.   the strength of a 1 war in the middle and lower reaches of the team defense and justice this season 1 wins 4 flat 3 negative, accumulate 7 points ranked twenty-fifth. 2 the two sides nearly 5 confrontation, defense and justice of the 4 wins and 1 flat unbeaten. 3 Aldo Xiweiben season league home court 1 wins and 3 losses, abortion rate of 25%. 1 defense and Justice League away game losing streak, and did not enter the 1 ball, the game were lost 1.5 goals, opponents are the top half of the team on the list of 2. 2 defense and justice in the last round of the 4 round of the field are only scored 0.25 goals, the overall average strength of opponents. State of defense and Defense 1 stop loss in the last round of the League of the field is only lost 0.75 balls, the defense is better, the overall strength of the opponent’s average of 4. 2 Aldo West nearly 3 games 1 flat 2 negative, not performance, a 1-2 defeat at home court teams Juan Saint Martin.     the old company wade out of 3.30 2.90 2.45 day early to compensate, by injection immediately after adjustment for 2.80 3 2.75 odds, his odds drop, flat compensate rise and win odds, Aldo West Weisheng rate increased by 5.18%. The lottery data defense and justice coach Holland and Aldo heavey battle record of 2 matches unbeaten, the overall rate of 64.1% unbeaten career coach. Aldo West’s home court record is slightly better than road, they in place outside Mardel Plata in 13 consecutive games without a win, the team wins this season only is also from the team but the main midfielder A.Medina home court, the game absence on the team is not small; defense and justice from the hard power is stronger than the team. See from the beginning of the season the team away draw teams in Rosario and the Central River can draw with veteran home court, the main problem is the lack of ability to tackle the team. From the match referee Merlos 9 career Aldo in all competitions of the west law enforcement team made 5 flat 4 negative 3 games without a win, law enforcement and justice of the defense team with 2 wins, 1 unbeaten run to a certain extent in favor of the referee. Jing ya;相关的主题文章: