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After the uterus AA rules – Sohu this year has been to the baby mother, year of fate, because of wearing braces, or braces off the husband said pregnant again good, officially began to prepare pregnant so until around July. In fact, once people do a few years ago, because of her day to eat the emergency contraceptives, more worried about the health of the baby, so, hey! Mulberry heart to get! July began to prepare pregnant, in between there have been still temperature test paper (paper behind the sign to write), and in July not to strong positive test, just a few days to play in the husband’s cousin who lives in a few days, that a few days are not measured, nor knew what, after she came to fill a few times, didn’t think pregnant, pregnant with the result of the accident. During that time the weather is not very good, the temperature difference, resulting in the middle of the night when a lie on the cough, very uncomfortable, and dare not take medicine, and finally drink lemonade to drink. During the day to work in the local air conditioning are not hot to die, but also often to move things, it is really a woman when the man used, it may be these factors, leading to the baby 7.27 biochemical. Finally, look at the thermometer, in fact, that period of high temperature is not very stable. Biochemical cried the same day, after the fierce look at this post, see a lot of treasure mom said biochemical easier to conceive. On the same day to the hospital obstetrics and gynecology doctors biochemical also said that the end of the month will be able to monitor ovulation biochemical preparation of pregnancy, when later after a week to go to the hospital to check the monitoring of ovulation, another doctor said, wait to menstruation to prepare pregnant, said a lot of bad words, my husband believed, therefore and he had a big fight, finally stopped on the Internet a lot about this post to him, the assured agree! From the start of the seven day of the biochemical blood is gone, the number of ovulation test paper began again, because I cycle about 37 days, the reason for ovulation, after the comparison, this month than last month, delayed ovulation for two days. Since August, every day was measured and the temperature of the test paper is easy to find a reason, but a few days of ovulation, the husband busy at work, plus a few days ago again once, so the day of ovulation shoot sperm rarely, a few days later another. So I didn’t expect too much. Last month after the biochemical do not want to go to work, and at home to prepare for pregnancy, I told her husband, if not a month pregnant, menstruation, I went out to travel a few days and then come back. Originally with a sister about the good, the results of the two of us at the same time pregnant, ha ha, the baby finally came back!! Note: This paper sorting from the "crazy cat " -copy_ made APP users; the sharing of experience, all rights reserved. If you want to learn more about the preparation of pregnant pregnancy knowledge can be downloaded crazy APP相关的主题文章: