Bank of China in the first half of 440 billion new housing mortgage NPL ratio of about 0.4% winavi video converter

The Bank of China on the 440 billion new housing mortgage loans, non-performing rate of about 0.4% weeks in the early half of pure paper proposes to focus on the development of personal financial business Chinese Bank (601988.SH 3988.HK), the first half of 2016 has been reflected in the performance report. Among them, the personal housing mortgage loans increased rapidly, accounting for more than 80% of personal loans. August 30th, Bank of China announced in the first half of 2016 results, and held a performance conference. Semi annual report shows that during the reporting period, the Bank of China on housing loans personal loans as the main business to achieve rapid growth, the first half of the launch of a new housing loans 440 billion yuan, accounting for 81% of the new personal loans, an increase of 14.7 percentage points. Bank of China’s personal housing loans amounted to 2 trillion and 80 billion yuan, an increase of more than the previous year by 17%. Liu Qiang, deputy governor of the Bank of China to Tencent finance, said the Bank of China in recent years as the focus of innovation and development of personal finance, give priority to support. Specific in the field of consumption, wealth management, cross-border services, as well as Huimin field to do some adjustments. From the data, the proportion of personal loans has increased to 65.3%, the market share rising, a contribution to the whole operating profit degree is also improved, accounted for 37.7%. Liu Qiang said, although the Bank of China in recent years the rapid development of individual mortgage loans, but the asset quality remained at a good level, bad rate steady at 0.4%, there are three reasons: one is the individual housing loans of 440 billion yuan in the first suite loan increment, the proportion reached 90%; two is the main area of personal mortgage loan growth, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities and key city; three is the loans accounted for the balance of the mortgage value (LTV) index is around 44%. "Personal mortgage loans to the Bank of China to focus on the development of (business)." Liu Qiang stressed that. During the reporting period, the Bank of China to achieve the company’s shareholders should enjoy after tax profit of 93 billion 37 million yuan, an increase of 2.52%. The rate of bad loans increased 4 BP to 1.47%, rising bad slowdown. Bank chief risk officer Pan Yuehan introduced, the adverse rate is still lower than the same industry, optimize the structure of the loan from the Bank of this benefit, such as in the industry accounted for the relatively high rate of overseas non-performing loans accounted for only 0.2%; personal non-performing loan rate increased less than 1%, in addition to the company’s asset structure has been optimized to better for bad loans control. On the other hand, the Bank of China to increase efforts to resolve the potential and poor stock, the first half of the total risk of non-performing loans 67 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of $16 billion 300 million, close to the size of the year 2014 to resolve. But in Pan Yuehan’s view, there is hardly non-performing loans has reached an inflection point, the key is to look at the macro external economic environment, as well as the Bank of China on non-performing assets control ability. In the next period of time, the quality of our assets or face greater pressure." In addition to cash collection, bulk handling, loan verification, repossession etc., asset securitization has become a new means of bank non-performing assets disposal. May 2016, Bank of China issued the first single company non-performing asset backed securities, into the pool of funds 12.5.相关的主题文章: