Beijing 930 new deal after the first auction of $2 billion 110 million won the broad. 9c8996

Beijing 930 new deal after the first auction of $2 billion 110 million won the China homestead broad network · real estate Chinese news in off for nearly 5 months, Beijing residential land auction and finally ushered in again, upgrade regulation after the first auction, has aroused strong concern of public opinion. The afternoon of October 9th, housing prices in 11 ages, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone II-6 block X84R3 block (hereinafter referred to as "Yizhuang X84R3" land) is broad ($block a developer) to the total price of 2 billion 110 million yuan won the premium rate of nearly 40%. According to the conditions of the auction, the land in residential use scale of construction for the construction of all owner occupied commercial housing (the largest dwelling area of 90 square meters), sales price for 23000 yuan / square meters (including renovation cost). Since April 29th, Yanqing Metro 05 block 05-043 block R2 two types of residential land transactions in June 2nd after the listing, the land market in Beijing City, there is no homestead supply, formed nearly 5 months off for cycle. In August 30th, Beijing soil shoot market will be long in coming a hang Yizhuang Economic Development Zone of residential land. Then, on the eve of national day, Beijing issued a new regulation of heavy upgrade, from raising Shoufu ratio to control the price of new houses, from increasing the self supply of housing to improve the proportion of 7090, eight provisions of the Beijing history of the most stringent regulation to upgrade. As the first land auction regulation after the upgrade, but also off for 5 months after the first auction house, Yizhuang X84R3 block "attracted 11 housing prices and housing prices in the Commonwealth are broad participation, Singapore, K2, Biguiyuan, Heng, Luneng, Jin Yu, Vanke, China Railway, China Railway, sunshine city first, the total living body joint construction. Statistics show that the land is located in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone II-6 block, four areas: Dongzhi X84R2 Experimental Primary School; South to 1000 Tang Jie (Thai River Street); West Road (Boxing road eleven) all over the world; north to X84B1 not to sell the state-owned construction land (West), X84C1 did not let the state-owned construction land (East). Plots of land property is R2 two types of residential land, living for 70 years, office for 50 years, business for 40 years. Land area of 50662.6 square meters, construction planning area of 101325.2 square meters. Transfer listed starting price of 1 billion 510 million yuan, bidding ladder for 8 million yuan, 453 million yuan bid bond. At 3:30, the auction site officially began, although the plots of residential area with the construction of all from the housing, but the housing prices placards rate is still very fast, for land hungry remarkable. Among them, the positive is iron, broad Singapore, heng. Finally, after 47 rounds of placards, the primary land developer broad dollars to 2 billion 110 million yuan of the total premium rate of nearly 40% won. Notice: 5 homestead November 2nd auction concern is that the policies on the eve, Beijing hang out 5 residential sites, of which 4 were located in the northern part of Haidian Yongfeng industrial base, the other 1 cases are located in the Daxing Huangcun Xinghua street, are at the mature region, has a superior advantage. However, several residential plots are not the same as before.相关的主题文章: