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Application of a variety of technical means of Tiananmen in Beijing in mid October to new flower placed in – Magnolia, plum, lotus, rose colored flowers bloom; relief pattern, peony bat pattern, Ruyi pattern embedded in a big basket basket surface, vigorous, fascinating…… In order to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the relevant departments in Beijing Tiananmen square, the revitalization of the door and other places to set the theme flower beds, to meet all the tourists. What is the theme of this year’s flower bed, with what kind of characteristics? National flower celebrate the Spring Festival in September 27th, two days after the completion of the national flower in Tiananmen square, I came here to feel the warm Festival "prelude". Looking ahead, Tiananmen square is crowded, tourists have come up with mobile phone, camera, and a "big basket". "Our tour group uncle aunt who is specially from Henan to Luoyang to catch up, a lot of it is the first time in Beijing. National Day is coming, come to visit the flower bed, to express the blessing of the motherland." Beijing tour guide Mr. Qu told the author. I understand that this year the center of Tiananmen square is still the flower basket shape, flower basket is divided into two parts — disc and basket. The disk diameter of 11.6 meters, the peony, Magnolia, cutting inside, rose more than and 300 lotus flower simulation, the total weight of over 600 kg. The other part is a basket, inlaid with the blessing of the motherland "," celebrate ", and" year 1949 – 2016 ". According to reports, since the 1986 Tiananmen square for the first time since the National Day stereo flower bed, has been in the past 30 years. This year, the Long March, Winter Olympic Games, Beijing World Horticultural Exposition and other new elements are integrated into the flower design. For example, fuxingmennei northeast corner flower beds inlaid with the theme of the long march of Mao Zedong’s Poems "Qilu Long March"? The thesis; the southwest corner of Jianguomen flower show high satellite lens, C919 large aircraft, high-speed rail and other China manufacturing elements; the southeast corner of Dongdan Silk Road "Golden Bridge" flower in "Zhao Zhou bridge" for the king, along with the road along the more than and 80 national flower. "Flower design embodies many Chinese elements, disc shaped flowers represent the great unity of the people of all ethnic groups in china. Disk in the silk flower riotous with colour very classical charm, old style." With his wife to visit veterans Mr. Ni said. It is reported that to build an orderly flower, the total weight of the Tiananmen square, a basket of more than 100 tons, the entire disk weight reached about 60 tons. The base, handle, and pedicel, bamboo for the steel structure, is worthy of the name "a body strong as iron". All flower beds have been completed in September 25th, flower beds will be placed into the middle of October. According to the staff, the flower beds in the construction process is an important work". In order to ensure that the center of the square garden in Tiananmen square on the axis, the need to determine the flower "center" position, then mark the exact position of basket base, barrels and other components of the center. Through the RBI to do the construction plan, the workers can be directly installed when entering the construction. Teng相关的主题文章: