Big changes in the decision-making factors, lively double eleven behind the cold thinking – Sohu Tec w-inds.

The decision factors change, lively thinking – eleven behind the Sohu of science and technology in 2016 is still busy: 120 billion 700 million, double eleven double eleven day when the cat’s turnover again record; Jingdong also in 11, 1 in the afternoon to refresh their turnover last year; the appliance providers also have their own propaganda double record eleven. But behind the excitement, from the figure, perhaps eleven are also ushered in its ceiling. This time, Tmall did not continue to achieve 100% growth, the concept will no longer focus at half price or price in the marketing war, Tmall fashion brand, Jingdong emphasizes the good price, Amazon is the high-quality goods overseas as a marketing focus. Behind this is actually the user’s consumption is returning to the rational, the price is no longer the only shopping decision-making factors. The first year of the eleven double net red curtain opened on the one hand is greatly enriched people’s material life, panic buying cheap goods is no longer the only pursuit, the other is the young consumer groups further, the electricity supplier of 90, even after the 95 have become the main force of shopping, which is to change the user the most young women obviously. Now not only the beauty of the young female users is the pursuit of low prices, more is the pursuit of fashion, personalized, their first reaction of apparel goods is always good, but not the first time to see the price tag. But the question is, what is fashion? Perhaps in the minds of traditional users, only the major fashion show, Europe and the u.s.. But for young women, and are not just those on the stage T models have shown, they want more is a way of life and attitude of the identity, only their identity, it is fashionable. Therefore, the network red came into being. Although a variety of snake face to make people feel as if the red net has become a derogatory term, but actually the red net is actually represents a kind of culture, or a way of life, and become a part of the heart of mapping ideal life blueprint. It is recognized that Zhang Dayi is not just because she looks good, but because of her style of dress on behalf of her fans to pursue the way of life. In the electricity supplier has just started the stage, the role of price comparison and shopping guide website is enlarged, because then people are concerned about their own is not the cheapest. But with the development of the electricity supplier, the economic development, the impact of the network as the flow of electricity and electricity consumption and consumer decision-making impact is magnified, because life has become the core of people’s consumption decisions. The domestic like and said the red net buyers beautiful women’s fashion business based on the value will be amplified. Sasa eleven broadcast network Reds Luo double red business trend is clearly not started from 2016, but in a sense, the Internet is 2016 double 11 red double of 11 yuan. From the shelf to the key to the success of Taobao Follow is done so cheap, Jingdong is done more, but the core is based on the price factors, so they can be classified as a typical integrated electricity supplier in the age of 1. And here.相关的主题文章: