Buna New Institutional Innovation three new board open the door of hope christie stevens

Buna new: three new board open system innovation to the door to open three new board system innovation to the door – Buna new from the end of 2013 the new board in the national expansion so far, fame is accompanied by the new board of A shares by the end of 2014 to the first half of 2015, the wave of the bull market, when investors saw their stock account every day is red, and can meet the daily limit, the daily limit at red, also make investors heart began to swell. Driven by the interests of capital they found that there is a stock market is not up and down limits, and this market is not in other countries, in China, which is the national expansion of a year of three new board. The noise and madness after is a feather, believe that crazy 2015 April three new board market will not give investors the most vivid lesson and permanent scars. After reviewing these, for the new board of the young, whether we should have a good attitude, less blame, more advice and care? Learning to innovation in the path dependence and the limitations of thinking subject, the new board encountered any problems in the process of growing up, everyone’s first reaction is to see the underlying market what experience, and then directly ism is good. First of all, on the Nasdaq market, the author also agree, is a good example, because many domestic companies to obtain financing on the Nasdaq, has been developed, the NASDAQ absolute can serve as a good example, but the improvement of the new third market in China still need to accord with the national conditions. Secondly, the A stock market, the author believes that the new board of liquidity does not currently have A stock market, the development of securities market China short does not seem to provide ready-made case, learn from the experience for the development of three new board. Fortunately, the new three board with China to create the gene. For the new board, young looking for benchmarking, although can continue to imitate, but the depth of thinking seems to become an independent school, more valuable. Chinese economic early at the time of the transition, in the background of the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and expansion of the booster of rapid development of three new board is small and medium-sized enterprises of minimally invasive. Past experience tells us, stay in the tangle of academic concept level, will miss a lot of opportunities for development, have to admit that many of the concepts associated with the passage of time also need to constantly add new content, some concepts cannot easily tell. In a word China from actual conditions, to promote the supply side reforms, to meet the needs of the construction of multi-level capital market to the development needs of the enterprise market is a good market to meet, from past experience, both in the transition period, or in the deepwater area of reform, the concept of the debate is likely to come to a standstill. Three new board is the three new board, the new three board is an organic part of the multi-level capital market with Chinese characteristics, but also the fastest growing market in recent years, the highest degree of market. The new board of "liquidity" on the new board liquidity problem is recently widely discussed topic, the author thinks that in fact discuss the nature of liquidity problems is that we have to withdraw funds on investment相关的主题文章: