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The Complaints Bureau: the petitioners were repatriated died in a roadside incident to identify the situation – the Sohu news xinhuanet.com Beijing on November 17th news, recently, Sichuan County of Yuechi province Yang Tianzhi reception places in the vicinity of the State Bureau for letters by Zhang and other criminal suspects and forced back to deceive deaths caused public concern. Reporters learned 17, national petition Bureau attaches great importance, has instructed the Sichuan provincial Complaints Bureau to quickly find out the situation and urge the relevant localities and departments in accordance with the law and regulations for proper disposal. Said the State Bureau for letters, this is a serious criminal case, but also exposed the local Party committee and government and relevant departments under the rule of law concept of indifference, the responsibility is not in place to implement the petition, a serious violation of work discipline and other issues, we must draw profound lessons, to take effective measures to resolutely prevent similar problems. The masses reflect the problem through the channels of letters and visits, is the constitutional right of citizens. Any organization or individual shall not interfere with any reason or in any way, and hinder the normal behavior of the masses, once discovered, according to the law severely dealt with. The State Bureau of letters and calls on the matter to the petition system of notification requirements, all in accordance with the requirements of the central government and the "petition regulations" provisions, earnestly implement the responsibility, the strict work discipline, in accordance with the law, norms, and orderly conduct of the petition work. The use of letters of petition for profit, limit the freedom of letters and visits, etc., we must resolutely resist, timely alarm, and actively cooperate with the public security organs according to law. The legitimate aspirations of the masses, to timely local solutions in place, without delay, explain away. The responsibility is not implemented, the work is not in place, which leads to the problem of protracted conflicts, and even lead to extreme vicious incident, to serious accountability relevant units and personnel.相关的主题文章: