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Burst: you can buy a grading fund? What will happen in the future?! Source: WeChat public number ETF and grading ring "(etfhefenji) author: circle circle the weekend, go on the road trip back, side side of the brush on WeChat group, suddenly shocked by the news. In the spirit of the most relaxed weekend, regulators suddenly issued a "classification fund business management guidelines (Draft)". Among them, one, the establishment of investors 300 thousand Yuan Securities Class asset threshold of the news is particularly eye-catching, because it involves the participation of investors in the future to determine the eligibility of the fund investment. In fact, in addition to qualification, after the unmarried men and women to find the object more than a judgment index. After the threshold to hear a girl with a friend to discuss that I just bought a grade A did not earn any money, you know she is an account of more than 300 thousand yuan of assets of the white. Hear a boy was your uncle, I just bought a grade B falls, you know that he is a bad tall, rich and handsome pocket. Classification of the current level of A and the current structure of the holder, the classification of A is mainly institutional, grade B is mainly retail, especially small retail investors, B. According to industry classification fund size of the largest fund companies in July 2015 to disclose the data, they accounted for the proportion of B positions in the proportion of investors accounted for more than 200 thousand yuan accounted for more than $95%. In July last year, the data, assuming that 200 thousand copies are $0.5, that is $100 thousand, that is, 95% of investors positions less than $100 thousand. However, investors may have taken only 13 of the money to buy a hierarchical B, so think, the circle of the Lord revealed a glimmer of happy smile. The threshold of three hundred thousand yuan mainly refers to the name of the daily average of the last twenty trading days of the total assets of not less than $300 thousand." Securities assets refers to the customer trading settlement funds, stocks, bonds, funds, brokerage information management plan, excluding margin." After the implementation of the provisions of the scale of assets of less than 300 thousand yuan investors can not buy. Comments as of October 9th, the formal application of the threshold may also be the end of the year. So, this provision, the classification of A, B and the mother of the fund’s investment have what? 1, the classification of the parent fund for the purchase of securities in the parent fund, raising the threshold of participation. The main role for parent Fund Merger and split, the original venue classification of the parent fund purchase threshold in Shenzhen most is 50 thousand yuan, in Shanghai is 50 thousand copies, now turned into a 300 thousand yuan of assets in order to participate, raise the threshold of participation in arbitrage. Classification of OTC parent fund securities company at the consignment should also subject to the 300 thousand threshold limit, otherwise there are investors to purchase in the OTC securities companies office to spend 2 days to the venue, is so clever to do low threshold grading fund? The purchase of the third party and the Bank of the OTC fund does not have a major impact on the outside, the parent fund of the lowest purchase amount of $1000 or $100, still can be 1000 yuan or $100 purchase. What? Do you want to sell the bank and the third party to the securities company in the OTC? Think a little beautiful, but not easy to achieve. The first off-site bank managed to securities corporation;相关的主题文章: