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Comrades wake up, as the fire in the backyard, ask you to charge a member of Sohu technology stories and dreams are two things you do not know the difference between friends today did not brush brush micro-blog, LETV millet with tear force ~ tear force of reason, is the picture… Network transmission WeChat screenshot of the source of this figure can not be verified, the poor Jun Jun think most of it is P, but the music has made such a micro-blog… Micro-blog LETV LETV screenshot Wall never collapse, hard won. Your mobile phone is rolling, TV only, if black technology is black competitors means that you have to black technology. We would like to hope that this kind of bad guys, bad behavior is not what you do, stupid, you recognize the dialogue. General Ray @ Lei, floating in rivers and lakes, which have not wet feet. In the day, a man must be good. Share. The smell of gunpowder is very strong, even to this word is out, but did not give millet, immediately back to a micro-blog backhand. Millet micro-blog screenshot 1, please pay attention to the music as their own supply chain problems, do not attempt to use the despicable means to divert attention. 2, please inform investors and users in the end how much money owed to the supply chain. Millet attitude is also very tough, directed at the music as a result of the supply chain arrears problems. Music as their own said, people floating in the rivers and lakes, where there is no wet shoes, wet shoes do not wet bad evaluation Jun do not know, but the bad judgment of the lake is really see… Because in addition to this WeChat screenshot, a variety of online music as well as the night to go through the screen, the source is not clear. Zhou? Version of Yu Chengdong version of these pictures though to see that people have an ulterior motive P, but to eat melon masses subtle influence: LETV pill… Estimated boss Jia my heart is certainly a dog. But There are no waves without wind., if you have a good, no one will stab in the back. As the music is really a lot of things… The first thing is just the screenshot, the network transmission as a large sum of money owed to the media has not yet. LETV then the rumor, but also through their listed companies "LETV responded". But according to the science and technology circle has always been "rumor will come true" tonality, music is not necessarily the money owed to suppliers, but most of the money… Recently took place as the biggest thing in music, is the share price fell… Music as the stock as the stock price fell from last week, the last four trading days fell nearly 14.62%, the market value of a total evaporation of about $12 billion 831 million. Anxious not Steve, yesterday issued an open letter, the original very long, poor you will not stick. Which probably meant to say: "we really need the money." "but we still have confidence, we are also very good, LETV also has great development, the majority of investors who continue to invest in our yo ~" "I asked you to burn? My pants are soon I do how could also continue to burn!" )相关的主题文章: