Deyang taxi driver found passengers lost money (Figure) owner Shijinbumei Jixun (video) gigolos

Deyang taxi driver found passengers lost money Shijinbumei Jixun (map) October 31st morning, the owner of Guanghan (micro-blog) taxi driver master Huang Zhaoyou to close the car, found his car passengers left 10 thousand yuan in cash, master Huang did not hesitate, the early morning of the second day began to worry to find the owner, the transfer of video recorder to find the owner. Master Huang will be returned to the owner of cash. That night, two in the morning, Guanghan taxi driver master Huang Zhaoyou as usual after drawing the last business ready to take the car to go home, but inadvertently found the back of the car was a wad of cash, cash with a rubber band tied, there should be 10 thousand yuan. Because late at night, master Huang did not determine which passengers lost cash, master Huang had to wait until the early morning of the second day, came to the taxi company, the transfer of the vehicle tachograph, hope to be able to determine the identity of the owner. The recorder screen master Huang, at 2:20 in the morning, a female passenger climbed to the rear, 3 minutes later, she arrived at the destination stop. Because after the master Huang did not carry other passengers, it can be preliminarily determined, this female passenger is the owner. The woman looks about more than and 30 years old, height is about 1 meters 6 yuan in Guanghan, Jinhua on the bus, Metro garden under the car, perhaps because of a hurry to go off, lost the more than 10 thousand cash. In the face of so much cash, master Huang said he did not think too much at the time, thinking quickly cash returned to the owner, the owner is afraid of worry. After determining the owner, Huang Zhaoyou cash will be sent to Guanghan city yunguanchu, at this moment, just met the owner Ms. Hu to report. In the city yunguanchu, the staff at the check information is correct, cash will be returned to Ms. hu. The lost money is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, no matter how times change, this virtue should always carry forward. Only in this way, our life will be full of harmony and warmth, we want the kind of brother like a point. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television journalist Yang Xianlong Liu Xingyu Guangzhou Hantai editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading driver found more than 10 passengers lost luggage RMB gold no collar相关的主题文章: