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Dove teach you to see a single B ultrasound examination, must be collected – Sohu mother and daughter of the original welcome to share personal forwarding, media reprint please contact the author! The dove GS, the doctor about pregnant? FH? CRL? See the ultrasound examination, is not the beginning unaware, anyway I have completely rip off. But, as a pregnant or ready to be pregnant pro, to learn how to read a single oh. Of course, if you do not, it does not matter, let dove hand teach you to understand the B ultrasonic examination. GS – fetal sac is simply the fetal sac is the most primitive embryo, then we have the baby and the shape of the fetus, but there are fetal heart oh. With the increase in pregnancy, fetal sac will slowly differentiation, fetal baby can grow up. At the time of six weeks of gestation, the sac was about 2 cm in diameter and about 5 cm in the 10 week. The sac is in the bottom of the uterus, upper, middle, front and rear walls are normal, its shape is round or oval, clear. However, if the parents of the fetal sac in the lower part, and the shape is irregular, fuzzy, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, it should be noted that there may be the possibility of miscarriage. Gestational sac can only be seen in the early pregnancy, because it will slowly grow up into our lovely baby. CRL – head rump length is the length of the baby head from the hip to hip distance, mainly in order to determine the pro 7~12 weeks of gestational age. Date of birth to be inferred from gestational age. Gestational age was estimated at 6~13 weeks, gestational age = +6.5 (cm). H – fetal heart is the heart of fetal fetal heart rate, fetal heart under normal circumstances 120~160 minutes a minute, if the fetal heart is strong, but fetal heart weakness is abnormal. Parents in the early pregnancy fetal heart occasionally not very regular, but wait until the late pregnancy will be slowly. If the parents have frequent fetal heart more than 180 times per minute or temporary jump, you need to seek medical treatment. FM is the birth of the baby in the fetal movement to "say hello", the mother is the birth of the baby through their "mother and the exchange of cuff and kick". So the movement also shows that your baby is healthy, if fetal pause, parents do not worry too much, we may be the birth of the baby fell asleep. PL placenta is pro and fetal baby material exchange organ, the normal thickness between 2.5~5.0cm, if not normal friends can do further examination on the birth of the baby, pay close attention to the development of the birth of the baby. The placenta can be divided into four levels, level 0, level two, and level three, level Four, level 30~32 weeks pregnant at primary stage, mature placenta echo uniform two placenta; close to maturity; three the placenta has been mature, in 38 weeks. Parents must pay attention to the level of late three placental delivery of nutrients and oxygen, if more than the period of pregnancy has not been produced, should consult a doctor in case of fetal risk. FH – fetal head if the baby’s fetal head defects or deformation is abnormal. BPD represents the biparietal diameter, the term should be equal or greater than 9.3cm. In the 6~8 months of pregnancy B相关的主题文章: