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A new interpretation of the Beijing purchase policy experts: the differential housing credit to further improve the original title: a new interpretation of the Beijing purchase policy experts: the differential housing credit to further improve in new network on 30 September, Beijing City, "a number of measures" to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market today announced, E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin that Beijing in October 1st before the introduction of the policy, the signal significance greater than the policy itself regulation meaning, Beijing policy template will be the fourth quarter of each big city especially in a second tier city property market regulation template. Therefore, the introduction of the policy of Beijing, which means that China’s property market deregulation began in 2014 into the inflection point again, that is, the policy inflection point has been officially opened in the fourth quarter of this year. Yan Yuejin said that the policy made clear the purpose of regulation, mainly for four points. First, increase the effective supply of the real estate market. This formulation implies that the supply side structural reform in the real estate market, especially in the past two years time to inventory, part of the city began to change the policy oriented, actively turning up stock guide. For the Beijing market, the follow-up to actively and to strengthen the supply side of the release, there will be a series of new actions. Second, optimize the supply structure. It should be said that Beijing this year, the pressure is less than the stock of several other tier cities. However, for the Beijing market, the subsequent adjustment in the supply structure is still a lot of content. Including the previous owner occupied commodity housing supply, the subsequent supply of rental housing, the supply of ordinary small family housing, refined decoration housing ratio adjustment, will become the embodiment of the supply side adjustment structure. Third, strengthen trade management. Such policies and the introduction of down payment and other irregularities violations. The current market overheating, many behind some illegal practices, Beijing actively for such transactions management, will make the subsequent market trading is relatively stable, and the fight against all kinds of false trading phenomenon, which is to maintain the basic property buyers purchase benefits. Fourth, to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. Such a statement, in the case of the current asset bubble is relatively heavy, there is a positive significance, especially the current price rise too quickly, so it is urgent to stabilize the market through the management and control and promote the healthy development of the market. First, increase the supply of residential land, a reasonable adjustment of land supply structure. Yan Yuejin pointed out that the biggest highlight of the policy is to emphasize the "9070" policy, the policy is ignored by many enterprises in recent years, many illegal practices and appear, is not conducive to small Taoxing housing supply. Beijing clear this demand, it will lead to a second tier cities to follow up. In addition to such policies, Beijing clear to "meet the improve housing needs oriented, it also shows that the introduction of such policies is still taking into account and just need to improve the type of demand, that policy is still to improve the type of buyers who purchase behavior of some support policy. Policy two, accelerate the supply of home-based housing land supply. Yan Yuejin said that Beijing will continue to clear the concept of home-based commodity housing, indicating that such housing will continue to become a key support for the project in Beijing. Such properties in the pilot process, the overall.相关的主题文章: