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For iPhone 6S shutdown door Apple actually respond to this – Sohu digital [mobile phone news in China] half of the battery power on the phone will automatically shut down, such a thing happened to Apple’s products. Recently, the vast number of iPhone 6 6S users find their phones every time the power is lower than 50% will automatically shut down. In the event of continuous fermentation and China Consumer Association after the intervention, apple still has not given a clear solution, let the user very chilling. IPhone 6S automatic shutdown, you encountered it? According to the Oriental reporter survey found that just rely on QQ group online users up to thousands of people, this is not a small probability event. Many consumers in the group said that their phone over the warranty period, although the call Apple’s after-sales service, sales staff also conducted a record, but Apple has not yet given a viable solution. The association on 15 November, apple issued inquiry, measures related to mobile phone series automatic shutdown reason, Apple Corp as well as there is no remedy for questioning, and ask the Apple Corp to respond within 10 days. But the reporter called Apple customer service, customer service staff said, the need for customer phone battery diagnosis, if you find the battery problem, you will find a higher level of Apple team data collection and analysis. Although many consumers complained of this problem, but there is still no clear and unified solution, which allows consumers to spend thousands of dollars to buy iPhone products, despair".相关的主题文章: