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From the age of 2, did not do this thing, be careful with your adolescent children as passers – [children] maternal Sohu original, reproduced please mark the source there is such a thing, start from the children, to their youth rebellion, many problems can be easily resolved, otherwise the parents may not. A mother said, her daughter with a 13 year old recently have soured, because she always feel the child what to conceal her, sometimes saw her mysterious bag to ask what she did not say, come home every time, always put the bag locked in the cupboard, often not on time after school she was afraid to go home, kids out of trouble or make bad friends. That once she worried geology asks the child, the child had a fierce quarrel with her, not angry with her mother for several days to say a word. She found that the child is too big to listen to the tube, there is a sense of helplessness will be out of control. Remember the 6 children into Harvard and Yale, South Korea’s chief hughstar mother said, the child in their home a lot, so every Saturday after breakfast, they always do one thing, the family is called a family meeting, because the child is too much, can not do communication whenever and wherever possible. On the one hand, through such a form to communicate with the children in a timely manner, as well as exercise their leadership skills. Before the family meeting, it is up to the child who is in charge of the meeting to discuss the subject, and to ensure that the meeting will be held and maintained in a meeting, and that each meeting will result. They often communicate in the meeting who is responsible for closing the door, garbage, who encountered any problems, problems, who need to help the exam. Of course, some are not suitable for public communication, the full Hui star will be looking for opportunities to talk with the child alone. This is actually a good form of communication, but for those of us who are not a lot of families, there is no need to copy their practice, but the essence can learn. Children do not love "deliberate" communication of parent-child communication should be small with the children to develop the habit, like the air, everywhere, it should be natural but indispensable move home. If parents didn’t tell children often develop the habit of communication, to develop when the children grow up, their independent consciousness, you attempt to pry the child’s heart, will become not so easy. Because at this time they are easy to communicate your privacy as a spy, rather than express concern. With the children to develop the habit of communicating with each other, it is sooner rather than later. Why many parents feel that every day with their children to communicate, but in fact it is "no communication"? Some parents from the birth of a child, in order to help the child to speak, something always with yiyaxueyu baby "communication", but such a move to their 5, 6 or even 7 years old, after the age of 8, it seems that this communication is not naturally or half unconsciously, a lot of time into a "command" type of communication, such as the children doing their homework, let the children wash the quilt and so on, interactive message without. That is because many families do not have a sense of communication with their children, in view of this, it may be a fixed time every day, and as a family of communication time". .相关的主题文章: