Fuyang launched a family doctor signing service has benefited 1 million 30 thousand people rosstallanma

Fuyang launched a family doctor signing service has benefited 1 million 30 thousand people Anhui financial network news: November 11th at 3 pm, the Fuyang municipal health and Family Planning Commission held a press conference in 2016. A recent period, the media and the masses are more concerned about the issue of policy interpretation, response concerns. Around the conference: "the first visit at the grassroots level, in the hospital, rehabilitation back to the community" grading treatment goal of health care reform and speeding up our family physician’s progress; the construction of medical resources in Fuyang City three years development plan two content of the briefing. The conference site it is understood that the family physician is focusing on the construction of Fuyang health, to improve people’s health as the core content, establish Contractual service relationships by family doctors and residents of the area, the family doctor became the first doctor of residents, and gradually achieve the "first visit at the grassroots level, in the hospital, rehabilitation back to the grassroots level" classification of targets. Family members of the city signed a contract in principle to register a general practitioner or general physician assistant, rural contracted services to the township hospital practice (Assistant) physicians and qualified rural doctors. Enjoy the contracted services for primary prevention (anti risk factors), disease prevention first; two grade prevention (anti lesion formation), early treatment for the disease; three grade prevention (anti incident), the incidence of disease development to prevent deterioration; four grade prevention (the more defense complex) disease, relapse and check back full of health management services. At present, signing the family doctor can enjoy preferential conditions in five aspects: the Fuyang municipal hospital specialist and expert outpatient appointment number source to give priority to the family doctor and the contracted residents open; need referral patients enjoy priority Easy Access referral; give priority to the establishment of the family bed with the signing of service object to provide home care services; grassroots medical health institutions need to be hospitalized to hospitalization and rehabilitation personnel priority priority to the establishment of health management service bed service. At the same time, for the examination and evaluation of the signing of the health of the residents, the implementation of health monitoring and formulate targeted management programs; to carry out on-site follow-up, health assessment, health counseling, medical care and rehabilitation services. Family doctor service mainly "propaganda + + + community outpatient home set up" four ways to facilitate people to sign, first through the propaganda, let people clear the contents and ways of service, contract period and responsibilities of both parties, rights, obligations and other relevant matters; secondly, area residents to township (village health room) Community Health Service Center (station) of medical services, medical personnel or home services (survey), disease screening, health examination and other services, or to carry out activities in the area, the premise of contracted services on both sides to fully understand the connotation of family doctors, by residents voluntarily choose the family doctor service team, signing service protocol. After signing a family doctor. The signing of the principle of service for all residents. At this stage, from health and long term care needs start key population large, mainly covering more than 65 years old, patients with chronic diseases (especially hypertension, diabetes), filing riser poverty residents. After signing the family doctor is your health housekeeper, need art相关的主题文章: