Great irony! Advertising screening plug-in Adblock plus began selling online advertising

Great irony! Advertising shield Adblock Plus began selling online advertising Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, the world’s most popular advertising shield plug-in Adblock Plus is considering to make money through advertising sales. The German company said this week that it will cooperate with the Israeli advertising technology startups ComboTag to help sell advertising aimed at Adblock Plus users. It’s a bit of a satire on the fact that the ad shield plugin helps sell advertising. Adblock Plus argued that the company would only sell "acceptable" advertising. This advertisement not to pop, animation, or cover the contents of the web to harass users. In this process, the publisher will receive a unique advertising display opportunities. Adblock Plus spokesman Ben · Williams (Ben Williams), said the move opened the advertising shielding market. Adblock Plus said that in the company’s 100 million users, more than 90% have been able to see business promotion information. However, only in line with the "acceptable" standard, was included in the white list of ads in order to pass the Adblock Plus ad filter. (Adblock Plus the current default setting is to allow acceptable ads, but users can also set up to intercept all ads. Advertisers and publishers need to pay in order to allow advertising to accept the assessment, which was incorporated into the white list. In the ensuing month of advertising display more than 10 million, Adblock Plus will be divided into new revenue from the site is divided into 30%. Adblock Plus said that only a large site may pay the cost. Williams said that through cooperation with ComboTag, Adblock Plus will optimize the evaluation process of the white list of ads. ComboTag was founded in September 2015, is a "side to side" service to help publishers sell advertising to advertisers. For the type and location of ads, ComboTag has developed a "acceptable" standard similar to that of the Adblock Plus. However, the company’s founder and CEO Gaye · (Guy Tytunovich), said: "we do not know this point in Norwich. We set the standard is not to interfere with the user advertising." Titu Aganovich said he was a fan of Adblock Plus, but did not know until the beginning of 2016 the company’s acceptable advertising standards. Williams also said that for what kind of advertising can be accepted, the two sides in fact each expressed the same idea. Through this collaboration, Adblock Plus will not be necessary to develop an acceptable advertising standards, such as the location of advertising on different sites. ComboTag software can automatically configure these rules for the registration website. At the same time, ComboTag will not have to worry about advertising Adblock Plus interception. The company will also assist sales have been Adblock Plu.相关的主题文章: