Guo Degang, Chinese first male fashion icon (video) shishangqiyi

Guo Degang, the first China fashion male icon two days ago, Yu Bo’s circle of friends by Guo Degang to the "bazaar" took large occupation. Old gun son Guo teacher with a lens like nature itself, the achievements of the year one of the best fashion blockbusters. For example, he and his son Guo Qilin in the protection of armed bodyguards, leisurely eating melon. Wear pajamas in Beijing to enjoy a massage. Dynamic and more acid. In particular, this: users @RegardezMag to figure P on the words of Louis Vuitton, the perfect interpretation of the meaning of travel. Love the people say that this film is humorous and domineering, opponents say the fashionable Louis Vuitton is also on the nouveau riche mark…… In any case, Yu Bo heart, Guo teacher’s fashion attainments, no doubt. Guo Degang and his son to shoot large beauty surrounded by full screen Hao gas 6 years ago, I just opened micro-blog, because do not want to waste their clothes to identify the super powers, so began to comment on Star Dress, are purely entertain. I did not expect a Guo Degang wearing Givenchy micro-blog actually caused great repercussions, and even sparked a discussion of the whole society. From then on, I went on the tongue (star) this road. Since then, Guo teacher stood on the Chinese man fashion, his name and Givenchy tightly tied together, and I also became a blogger from Yu bo…… Today, Bo decided to give the magnate in the life to write an article, review and prospect he vast magnificent history of dress. I remember someone interviewed Guo teacher, asked him what the most valued young people, he replied: good-looking. Yu Bo is responsible to tell you, after reading this article, you must play the heart to admit, Guo teacher is the best look at that. He is China’s first male icon, is the trend of the majority of the Chinese people, wind vane, dressing model. Guo’s closet is a man’s paradise, with almost all of the most famous brand on the earth, and with the lofty sentiment they conquered the trench. There are no three words in Guo’s dictionary. His style is full of daring The wind puffs the clouds away. domineering, rich, wonderful than his comic one hundred times. Guo teacher years ago, on behalf of the wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs. After all, we have a common pursuit of the United States, that is, wearing a polo shirt must be erected collar. Printing, flash powder, broken drill, you must have seen in Tony, Kevin body…… Take a look at his T-shirt and proudly write the English word "Mark Fairwhale" of national brand Mark Ed Faye". With the strength and quality improvement, the more he crossed the big, then love Givenchy, a fashion way in high and vigorous spirits. S wedding leopard shirt is his first classic, sunglasses and collocation belly, called the Kate Moss tycoon. This iconic five-star T Guo teacher across time and space on the opposite side of the earth are giant Kanye West (Kanye West ·) conducted a thorough soul handshake. 2013 winter Bambi sweater, 10 Chinese and foreign actress all add up to the town could not Miss Guo one percent spirit. The printed shirt and T-shirt, the most fashionable fashion fashion. Starry sky in the model body is 2D, in guo.相关的主题文章: