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The mother-in-law was playing a son-in-law hit the old man without relying on life – new son-in-law can only rely on the 19 day, a period of nearly 2 minutes long "Yangxin County Mizuochi slope of an old man beaten son" video circulated on the internet. The reporter confirmed, beaten elderly Po Zhen Hou Wu Cun, Yangxin County, Binzhou fell 91 year old villager Hou Defeng, the batterer sixty son-in-law sohn. The same day, Sohn was administrative detention. Neighbors using a mobile phone to shoot video evidence retained video display, the old man sitting on the ground, Sun Mouxian’s hand fan old head and back, trying to help the elderly person fail, Sohn and the old man down to the ground, and then kicked the head, the elderly sit up and kick it back, beating the whole process greatly, the old man uttered groans of pain. After the video shoot by Sunmou acts of violence. Video photographer Sun Hongjun said, happened at 3:30 in the afternoon of September 18th, he was going to sew in the yard door nets, but see the door Sohn drunk, because Sohn usually for the elderly is not good and not by the villagers to be seen, sun Hongjun moved to the yard, and shut the door. Sun Hongjun heard the old man from outside the groan, aware Sohn may "beat the old man", and went in to out of mobile phone video evidence retained, Sohn will be announced to the villagers act of violence. During the filming, Sun Hongjun worried that the old man accidentally opened the door stop. Video display, the elderly right cheek skinned, is bleeding. Qilu Evening News reporter saw hit man Hou Defeng, Hou Defeng the wound scab, right face palm area black. In life can only rely on the Qilu Evening News reporter in the village visited that, Hou Defeng had adopted a daughter, over sixty years Sohn is a son-in-law. Number of villagers to the Qilu Evening News reporter confirmed that Sohn usually elderly is not good, bad temper, because the elderly usually may be somewhat confused, advanced in age, the old man Sohn abuse cases have occurred, the beating of the old man’s situation also "occasionally", "don’t drink good, drink and get drunk easily beat the old man". Number of villagers said that Hou Defeng’s daughter is not due to sun and jumped into the river Dutch act, but as time has long been unable to confirm. The village gathered together to talk about the incident the villagers said, Sohn once riding a tricycle with the old man, the old man somehow get off the fan a slap in the face, fellow villagers see cursed sun. Another time, the sun will be locked out of the old man outside the house, did not eat at noon, Sun Hongjun couple let the elderly at home to eat, the old man said, the child, I’m not hungry, give me a drink of water on the line." A village of Hou Defeng cell pro to the Qilu Evening News reporter confirmed Sohn grumpy, usually abused elderly, especially after drinking more easily beat the old man, "I was home, could not stand." At the same time, the villagers to the Qilu Evening News reporter said, Hou Defeng at ordinary times is very good, very high prestige in the village, who have what thing, the old lady will come to help, usually on the person’s name is basically very cordial "children". The villagers said, because the elderly helpless, can only rely on the son-in-law of life, as long as the sun is not too much, not outsiders.相关的主题文章: