Hongkong luxury double murder trial continued experts suspect suffering from narcissistic personalit t420s

Hongkong luxury double murder trial continued: experts suspect suffering from narcissistic personality disorder – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, according to the Hongkong Wen Wei Po reported, Hongkong Jia Xuan Hui Wan Chai mansion in Hongkong in October 31st the high court double murder trial continued, with opposing expert witnesses for the Hong Kong identity card Dr. Richard British psychiatrist James Latham he pointed out that the diagnosis confirmed that 31 year old suspect Rurik Jutting with self worship personality disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual abuse. The suspect has a preference for sexual abuse, gradually evolved into a challenge more extreme behavior, such as murder. Experts reiterated that he could not determine whether the above obstacles can reduce their own liability, should be submitted to the jury decision. Dr. Latham refers to the court, graduating from the University of Cambridge in England the suspect have narcissistic tendencies, exaggerate their achievements, but also will see themselves as victims, for example, said he had been robbed. Latham believes that the mental health of the suspect and his family, educational background, the study found that the suspect’s father at the age of 16 suspected of cutting wrist suicide. Dr. Latham made it clear that the suspected murder after taking the fragments, directly to tell his own state of mind at that time. Since 2011 the suspect lived in London, then the suspect has tried to abuse sex workers. He believed that the murder suspect can not completely control their own, is the main cause of the personality disorder, drug abuse and alcoholism, killed the first woman dead, the suspect may have planned to abuse another person, but not to kill, but eventually killed second women dead, may be just an impulsive act.相关的主题文章: