Hualin Securities Valet staff stocks losses 15 million seriously inconsistent with the facts

Hualin Securities: Valet staff stocks losses 15 million seriously inconsistent with the facts reported, Hualin securities on 8 September 7, 2016, the media reported the news "Hualin securities employees pit miserable old classmates Valet the stock market lost 15 million", contained content seriously inconsistent with the facts. After a preliminary understanding of the customer and the company is a normal brokerage agency trading business. Up to now, the customer in the company’s stock account opened a cumulative actual loss of approximately 1 million 600 thousand. Specific circumstances, the company will further verification. The company is solemnly declared: 1, the company will be held accountable to the media to provide false materials of the legal responsibility of the people; 2, publish or reprint the false reports of the media, should promptly withdraw the report and eliminate adverse effects. If the false report has a negative impact on the company, the company reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility. Related: Hualin securities employees pit miserable old classmates Valet stocks kuidiao 15 million source: Beijing financial channel Author: Beijing time financial reporter Qi Wenjian Ceng Fubin of Ministry of Public Security 1 years and dozens of securities fund insurance executives recently, the reporter received a report from the Beijing times, Ms. Zhang broke the news of Mr. cai. Broke the news, Hualin securities Dongguan Hongfu Road business department responsible for Mr Ho without customer permission, permission to raise the bid securities account trading commissions, the Commission received more than 1 million 233 thousand and 500 yuan; on behalf of Mr. Cai and agreed to buy and sell stocks, revenue sharing, high-frequency trading securities, Mr. Cai during the loss of the securities account fee of 15 million yuan. Mr. Choi and Ms. Zhang is a husband and wife relationship, Ms. Zhang and mr.. Because the interests of the old friendship between the students said the boat turned over. According to the Beijing Times reporter, previously, bid for arbitration requirements Hualin securities compensation than promised part of the Commission, but rejected, is now preparing for the rights through legal channels. Beijing time reporter to call him to understand the situation, the other said it did not accept the interview. Hualin securities general manager, Yi of Beijing time reporter said that he did not know about this matter, is not in charge of their own range, and suggested that the Beijing time the reporter contacted the corporate legal department. Beijing time repeatedly call the Hualin securities operator, failed to contact the company’s legal department. Old classmates introduced account repeatedly raising the rate of commission according to Beijing time reporter obtained material, September 3, 2014, customers Ms. Zhang in the old classmate Mr. ho introduced to Dongguan, Hualin securities Tong Fu Street business department to open capital account newly opened securities account, signed a proxy agreement, verbal agreement commission rate of 2/10000. In January 14, 2015, Mr. Cai Hualin securities to customers with a new business department to open capital account open a securities account, signed a proxy agreement, verbal agreement commission rate of 2/10000. Broke the news that, in view of trust, Mr. Cai and Zhang did not check the commission fee in the course of the transaction. Until the end of November 2015, found that two people account when initial commission rate is set to five and four million, and appears several times during the high commission phenomenon, and two per capita in the two people from the business department after the account has not been, have not signed the relevant commission amendment form. In this regard, the December 2, 2015 WeChat chat records show, where the first相关的主题文章: