Institutional Analysis after the hot plate and stocks Quest (of shares)

Institutional Analysis: after the hot plate and stocks Quest (of shares) in industry and analysis of stocks from the brokerage Research Report, only analysts of the industry and the stocks of the personal views do not represent the views of the card network, not as investors buy or sell stocks on stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. 1, catering and tourism industry: tourism is increasingly standardized, repeated investment opportunities causes: seniors Tours Travel Agency this month, elderly tourism service standards formally implemented: Recently, Chinese aging tourism industry promotion committee released "tourism consumer behavior China in Elderly Research Report", lead the market warming on seniors tours attention. Our annual medium-term strategy of silver tour is gradually confirmed market judgment. To take this opportunity to reaffirm our seniors tours investment opportunities again. The new tour link request for seniors, is expected to drive the industry out of chaos: since September, the National Tourism Administration "travel elderly tourism service standards" formally implemented, the new regulations not only schedule, quality of service of the traditional travel agency for the proposed requirements; at the same time, signed to the travel agency before the line, ready to travel contract and, after the handling of complaints and other aspects of the whole made a refinement of the standard setting. The tour is the most important carrier of China’s "silver Tour" in the new regulations, is expected to help the industry to get rid of all the chaos before, formally entered the fast lane of development specification. Senior tour due to a specific travel crowd, has three notable features: 1) the elderly and high willingness to travel more time to arrange space, bring the silver Tour "go" flexible and impulsive consumption does not lose young people; 2) contemporary elderly more adequate economic conditions, supporting the elderly "high frequency long-term" tour travel characteristics. 2 or more times per year, each time for 4 days or more to occupy the mainstream. The future of consumption upgrade of the vast space; 3) elderly people’s consumption habits determine the main channel in seniors tours are still in the traditional travel agencies, especially the line of travel stores, standardized products of tourism products also tend to choose the traditional, souvenirs and other shopping activities are still popular. In the long term, limit three restricting seniors tours will gradually break the long term, seven hundred billion of the broad market is expected to sail in a series of new regulations and cruise and other related industries development, has long restricted silver tour of the low price competition, lack of management experience is poor, lack of single product development bottlenecks are expected to get a breakthrough in a certain period of time; the international standard, in the continuous release of aging and the dividend policy, the future of our seniors tour travel, travel base rate and average cost of upgrading space and potential significantly, seven hundred billion of the market poised. Investment advice and investment targets: in 2015, the elderly travel in the growing cruise accounted for 81.06% people, is the absolute main force. The new cruise tour way provides a new choice for the elderly travel at the same time, the rise of the rapid development of silver tour will promote new silver tour as the representative of the cruise phase on the field. Cruise travel as a high-quality long-distance travel, in developed countries has been more common in our country is still in its infancy: global cruise tourism consumption penetration rate of 1.4%, while China only相关的主题文章: