Interest rate hike is expected to weaken the dollar and gold reproduction vidalia

The rate hike is expected to weaken the impact of the dollar gold rose with reproduction of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yunfu as the market expected the fed to raise interest rates has been weakened, and the traditional consumer into the consumption season, last week, the dollar rose gold representation one week, the international price of gold rose more than 1% over the previous three weeks of continuous decline momentum. Up to now, the New York market price of gold back to $1260 per ounce, the domestic market to RMB denominated gold prices also rose close to $280 per gram, refresh the new high after the National Day holiday. "The gold price rise, the one hand is the continuous Fed rate hike is expected to basically digested by the market, weakening the influence of the negative factors on the market, on the other hand is a kind of consumption demand, the market is expected to gold consumption is still relatively optimistic." Chaos Tiancheng futures analyst Sun Yonggang think. Previously, physical gold consumption consumer India downturn, but the recent major holiday approaching, the influence of importers to resume imports, physical demand picked up again, the agency expects October India overseas purchases are likely to refresh the 9 month highs. At the same time, the domestic market gold ETF investment also attracted inflows of funds, investors expect, as the market into the consumer season, physical demand or improved. However, the online trading market, gold bullish will still not strong. The latest data from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission show that as of October 18th week, including hedge funds, fund management and other professional speculators continue to reduce the net long positions in gold and silver, gold speculators held net long positions hit a 7 month low. In addition, the gold ETF in continuous small holdings, also reproduces the substantial reduction of the world’s largest gold ETF fund positions once SPDR22 announced a reduction of more than 16 tons, down 2 positions from the month high, fell to 950 tons near. Of course, investors in the futures derivatives market continued to reduce, not entirely bad." In this regard, gold analyst Wang Chao said, because the positions decline, especially fast speculators unwound, actually will ease pressure drop, unless the price of gold fell below $1200, otherwise the possibility of the bull market to continue to reduce the will decrease. Some agencies expect the trend of the gold market in the short term or still need to see the Fed’s face". The European Central Bank in December to decide whether to continue easing, if the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December, the gold market is likely to be forced to become weak." HSBC’s analysis. "The good news is that physical consumption of precious metals seems to be improving." In this regard, Wang Chao also pointed out, including India and Switzerland and other economies released data show that the import and export of gold has increased, although the physical gold demand growth is not enough to support the price of gold, but it may ease the downward pressure on the price. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: