IPhone 7 was traced to the first domestic fried the battery did not burn, apple said it had China at yuria

IPhone 7 was traced to the first domestic fried: the battery did not burn, apple said it had reported that the headquarters of China source: surging news surging news reporter Zhou Ling Samsung fried, turn to apple? In October 10th, a Zhengzhou man to buy iPhone 7 burst of video communication in the network. In the video, the man said, in the evening of October 2nd, when he was in the video, the phone suddenly collapsed, into two halves, his hand was swollen swollen, his face was injured. Zhengzhou man to buy iPhone 7 fried in half. This is the first domestic network exposure iPhone 7 explosion. In the above video can be seen, this phone is the rose gold version of iPhone 7. The video shows the mobile phone explosion after parts, but no burning, the battery well preserved. This is different from the Samsung Note 7 fire and explosion, the body was charred situation. The man was wounded in the hand and face different degree. Apple China stakeholders told surging news (), the situation has been fed back to the headquarters, there is news that the first time to inform the media. This is not the first time iPhone explosion. Recently, the U.S. media reported that ABC, a U.S. consumer California iPhone 6 Plus, when charging explosion occurred. After the explosion, her iPhone 6 Plus has been completely unusable. According to the report, the iPhone 6 Plus explosion accident occurred in the early morning of 3, the explosion of his master woke up, then smell the smell of burning plastic, while iPhone was charging 6 Plus have black smoke. Earlier this week, an American college student named Darina, who had a big hole in his jeans, was caught on fire when iPhone 6 Plus was in class. There is no evidence that the iPhone 7 is a single burst event, or product problems. It is not clear what the next step will be taken by apple.相关的主题文章: