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IT home: "life behind the decryption king Smartisan M1L black technology – Sohu technology reproduced from the IT home regardless of the current mobile phone as to how delicate and easy to use, if the mobile phone battery, it all becomes meaningless. Although in order to solve the heavy use of mobile phone users habits, people have created a mobile power, but carry a mobile power will always give people a lot of inconvenience. In the present, mobile phone life has become more and more important issues can not be ignored. Two weeks ago, hammer technology in Shanghai Conference on the introduction of the new M1 and Smartisan annual flagship Smartisan M1L, in addition to the software operating system on this amazing Big Bang (Big Bang) and One Step (step), the hardware configuration is entered when the most mainstream flagship configuration. Today we are going to analyze the performance of these two new models in terms of endurance. Before the conference, Luo micro-blog has revealed the new life: "the new machine is basically at nine in the morning to go out at night, two home, mobile phone and ten percent of electricity. From this start, will never let Smartisan OS users because the electricity is not enough and the pain." Really? Let’s take a look at the new machine hardware parameters, Smartisan M1 3050 mAh capacity battery, Smartisan M1L battery capacity of 4080 mAh, considering two different dimensions, the flagship two mobile phone battery capacity in the same size are relatively large capacity. In particular, the 5.7 inch Smartisan M1L, on the size of the battery capacity ranked first. Battery capacity is only a part of life, in the fast charging technology is getting better and better today, how to charge more electricity in the shortest possible time has become the major mobile phone manufacturers to pursue the goal. According to the two new Smartisan M series, Luo at the press conference just mentioned using the latest Quick Charge 3 fast charging scheme, but the real situation of this scheme is? According to the editor’s understanding, Quick Charge 3 is a new generation of fast charging Qualcomm Corp at the end of last year launched the solution by the new "best high voltage intelligent negotiation algorithm INOV" technology, the 2 scheme not only in the charging speed compared to the previous generation of a 38% increase in efficiency, protect the battery life is also done more color. It is no exaggeration to say that Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3 is the current flagship mobile phone scheme choice. Of course, even if the same configuration Quick Charge 3 program, due to the optimization and processing of different vendors, charging power is also different, such as the Smartisan M series.相关的主题文章: