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IT male please pay no paralysed e-commerce sites, often trading peak start trading Wen Ruoshui peak, some e-commerce sites have been hacked, many users can not log in. Originally, this is a former employee of Li Lei tricks, he because of salary and not move with anger. After Minhang District procuratorate prosecution, the court recently, Li Lei defendant guilty of destruction of production and operation of the crime, sentenced to five months detention, suspended for five months. In May 22, 2015, the electronic commerce website of Shanghai Gold Company Limited under three successive suffered hacker attacks. The hacker trading at 9 points to 10 points when the site peak attack, many people are unable to login to the website shopping, so the gold company daily loss of profit of about 8000 to 16 thousand yuan. June 1st, the person in charge of the company commissioned Zhang Tao subordinates to report to the police station in Hongqiao. See through the company’s server logs, attack IP site two, and site security system from the company is relatively simple, as long as you use the same IP with a period of time, a large number of times, repeatedly visit the website home page, the server will collapse. Police found that the fixed IP address corresponding to the specific address in a residential area in Pudong New Area, which is the address of the temporary residence of Li Lei. In July 17, 2015, police arrested the suspect Li Lei, after appearing in court truthfully confessed their illegal use of software attack facts on the informant’s website. Who is Li Lei, why did he hacked the gold company’s website? "He used to be an employee of our company." The gold company director Wang Wei, before the company’s technology development department to recruit new staff named Li Lei. After a week of work, because Li Lei has not worked for the company before separation procedures, so no entry in the gold company, Wang Wei asked Li Lei to leave after the formalities, and then to the gold entry. According to Wang Wei said, go to work after that Li Lei did not come, but every day call for this week’s reward. Wang Wei rejected Li Lei, Li Lei said "I have not, you also don’t want to". Li Lei after appearing in court to the Minhang procuratorate confession, he resigned from a well-known Internet company after mid April 2015, the work of gold limited company, and served as NET development engineer. Later, he was responsible for the remuneration of the company and the person in charge Wang Wei can not stand, the scene is not good. On the other hand, he felt the gold company and work before Internet Co background is huge, he is not satisfied with the gold company’s strength, so a week left. He confessed to the prosecutor: "after the fact that I was not happy, want to retaliate against the company, and then attacked their website." A month after the departure of Li Lei as a network engineer with their professional knowledge of gold company website for the three time attack, "I downloaded a pressure testing tool on the Internet attacks, this is a special pressure testing software." The software mainly through a large number of frequent access to the test site to monitor the site can withstand the pressure, so as to evaluate the ability of the site. He chose each)相关的主题文章: