It was autumn, 5 babies on the local Sohu – the most cold-blooded mother meyou

It was autumn, 5 babies on the local maternal and child – Sohu most afraid of the cold autumn, cold weather, mothers should pay attention to the baby’s dress, avoid the baby sick. Abdomen: stomach is the spleen and stomach, keep the belly warm is equivalent to protect the baby’s spleen and stomach. The baby crawled when holding the coat is often lifted, belly easy to cold, cold can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion. Warm small strokes: warm underwear, soft cotton underwear not only sweat breathable, but also warm. Attention should be paid to choose when the chemical fiber oh. Dai stomachers, is a good way to warm the baby to sleep at night to kick the quilt, my mother can put the baby in a sleeping bag. Head: the head of the human body is "the sun", the head temperature is easy to cause the baby to catch a cold cold away. Warm small strokes: wearing hats, choose a good quality wool hat to the baby, not too thick, head overheating easily upset dizziness, choose soft and comfortable Bohou moderate, can play a very good role to keep warm. Neck: cold easily through the neck will chill into the body, the neck is the location of the trachea, coughing, pharyngeal itching sore throat may be neck cold. Warm small strokes: to the baby around a scarf, you can prevent the cold wind blowing, do not choose easy hair removal, will make the baby into the trachea and lungs, causing respiratory diseases. Foot foot: because the farthest away from the heart, the blood supply is slow and less, as the saying goes "cold from the feet, foot once cold, can reflex caused by respiratory mucosa capillary contraction, make the drop resistance. Warm small strokes: the baby to choose cotton texture, permeability good socks, not the thicker the better! The socks are thick when wet can make the baby feet cold, will catch cold. Moms can baby bedtime feet with hot water, promote blood circulation. Hand: Baby thermoregulation is not perfect, warm ability, if the hand is cold, easily lead to insufficient blood supply, the reflex caused by nasopharyngeal tracheal and other upper respiratory tract mucosa vasoconstriction, decreased resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. A large number of bacteria lurking in the body, causing respiratory infections. Warm small strokes: mothers can often give the baby Cuocuo, accelerate blood circulation, choose a cotton wool or wool nylon gloves for baby.相关的主题文章: