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Japan Xinhua China Press: to solve the "country" after the encounter of modern crisis – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, Japan Xinhua China press 1 journal article said that serious population crisis has pushed to the edge of a cliff in japan. All along, the aging of the child as a manifestation of the problem of Japan’s population, is the main cause of Japan’s economic weakness, social instability. The Japanese government in resolving the "little children" suffered after the modern crisis, its performance can only be used to describe the "loss". Article excerpts are as follows: the serious population crisis, Japan has pushed to the edge of a cliff. Recently, the Japanese Ministry of internal affairs issued the final census in 2015 showed that Japan’s total population of 127 million people, 0.8% less than the 2010 survey results. This is the result of the first negative growth since the beginning of the 1920 census. Japanese scholars said, if according to this speed reduction on Japan alone what rise again, I will soon become empty "ghost country". All along, the aging of the child as a manifestation of the problem of Japan’s population, is the main cause of Japan’s economic weakness, social instability. Successive Japanese Government referred to the revival of Japan, will solve the old age less child in the first place. "Aging" is the basic trend is difficult to change, but less sub how to solve, but it is a test of the government’s ability to scale. Have to say, the Japanese government’s performance in this respect can only use "helpless" to describe. The children had less and less, but also because of the existing children’s nursery facilities are seriously insufficient to make admission, one of the parents to take special care (Japan No grandparents take care of grandchildren, called Japanese tradition) how dare born. These children can not enter the park for a long time, in Japan, known as standby children, has caused widespread concern. A lot of Japanese politicians running for the election will be waiting for children to zero slogan, in politics to earn a pot full of. But the last look at the results, standby children team is getting longer and longer. Some people may ask, to solve such a problem is really so difficult, do not build more conservation park! However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. It is not enough to rely solely on the firm determination and strong drive of the government, and the need for broad social consensus. The lack of Japanese society is the consensus to solve the population crisis. All over the country is setting off a wave of wave over the construction of a conservation park campaign. The day before, Hyogo Prefecture Ashiya, Tokyo, Musashino and Chiba counties of Sichuan city and other places has a boycott of a large-scale event to build conservation park. This phenomenon is nothing new in Japan, but its continuity, diversity and universality are still surprising. Throughout the storm, there are striking similarities. One is the event to resolutely resist the local people victory ended, orchard plans helpless stranded on the ground; two people, both noise and increasing traffic problems, and will cause prices to fall. Similar incidents not only highlight the shortcomings of the Japanese government to solve the deficiencies in the Conservation Park, but also allow the outside world gradually through the image相关的主题文章: