Karamba security $2 million 500 thousand a round of financing winlinez

Karamba Security for $2 million 500 thousand A round of financing in Israel a Tel Aviv network security record prices of Karamba Security for $2 million 500 thousand A round of financing, the protection of connected cars and automatic driving vehicle from hackers. Fontinalis Partners is a concern about the transport technology venture capital company, this round of financing led investment. YL Ventures and GlenRock continue to vote. As we have previously reported, the Karamba system is installed on an electronic control unit, or a microcomputer that connects the car with the outside world. People are not familiar with the fact that each of the different ECU (electronic control unit) controls the different operating systems. These systems include a number of key features, such as brakes, airbags, or fuel injection systems, as well as other non essential functions, such as navigation, air conditioning and entertainment. Because these electronic control units in a car in the network environment, if hackers break one of the ECU, you can control all the electronic control unit. The Karamba software locks up the factory settings for each controller, and prevents external code and some restrictive behavior from running inside. The method of locking each electronic control unit can effectively prevent hackers from entering into the car’s CAN Bus (controller area network bus technology), so as to avoid the interference of the key functions of the automobile. The remote connection CAN Bus is Chinese: recent security researcher at 12 km distance from the black into a Tesla Model S, and the interference of automobile electronic control unit such as brakes, door locks and dashboard. Karamba’s new network security products can quickly determine the command of the suspect, to ensure that no proper behavior was stopped due to false positives, to ensure the safe operation of vehicles. Just this month, after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the federal auto driving policy, Karamba followed the latest announcement. Policy statement, automatic driving car manufacturers and technology providers to focus on the safety of the operation of the car to consider, collect and share as much as possible to the government car related operating data. Chris Partners from Fontinalis Thomas, said the investment Karamba is a milestone for their company. "We focus on mobility, which is the transfer of human activities, freight and services supported by technology. We have invested in roads, railways, bicycles, shipping and artificial intelligence, but this is our first investment in security." Thomas says. Fontinalis’s portfolio also includes a taxi application Lyft, auto driving technology company nuTonomy and mobile ticketing provider Masabi. Thomas expects Karamba to use this new funding to promote the process of cooperation with the automotive companies, from the provision of components and technology to the original supplier.相关的主题文章: