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Kenya tree top hotel I live next door to the Queen – Sohu travel mentioned in Kenya’s tree top hotel, everyone is the first reaction of the tree is the princess is the queen of the tree is the legend of the queen. The real story happened in February 5, 1952, when playing the British Princess Elizabeth tour in Kenya at the tree top hotel that night, her father George VI’s death, the British royal family Princess Elizabeth immediately announced the throne. The second day early in the morning, Elizabeth flew back to London at the coronation ceremony held in Westminster, officially became the third king of windsor. Elizabeth became Queen at the top of the tree. So people said: the tree is the princess, under the tree is the queen! Therefore, the hotel has also been named the world’s most fairy tale hotel. Tree top hotel (TREETOPS) Abu in central Kenya DELL National Park, founded in 1932, is a British army officer Eric settled in Kenya for hunting animal in a huge fig tree trunk on the high building. At the start of the tree only three bedrooms, a dining room and a hunting room. In the same year the queen ascended the throne, a fire destroyed the original princess at the top of the tree, in 1954 at the site opposite the reconstruction of the tree top hotel now. In 1983 the queen once again visit the tree top hotel, now live in this hotel No. 18, is today widely circulated in the Queen’s suite. So it has become one of Kenya’s most expensive hotel, the reception capacity is in only the size of 100 people, in the animal migration season, pocket full of money even if you don’t want to pre regular check-in, sometimes for several months. Go to the top of the tree to a hotel, called OUTSPAN CHECK IN Transit Hotel, because the tree top hotel is too small, but due to its structure does not allow full occupancy, so under normal circumstances all luggage should be put in OUTSPAN, with only one night laundry on the tree top wine shop. Fortunately, our four Kenya National Tourism Bureau invited guests in April here to firm and secure check-in, baggage and also with our Safari Jeep pull to the top of the tree hotel. Our jeep out not far from the OUTSPAN to the Abu DELL National Park, is responsible for the security door carry loaded guns, to review the 10 minutes before we entered the park. Needless to say, if there are no wild animals in Kenya Park, like Chongqing can not see the hot pot. Here is no exception, was nicknamed "the wild boar" in the wayside watching carefully we never every act and every move, as if hanging high in the tail at the rear of the body upright swing, the front part of the body that is known as the most ugly animal and a face. Always imagine the famous and expensive tree top hotel is very luxurious, get off a look is a four storey wooden structure of the building, there are twenty meters high, resting on the trunk of dozens of root, from the appearance like chopping out of the same building. The ground floor is more than 10 meters away, the wild animals can freely walk through it. So the guests are not allowed to go up, second days away.相关的主题文章: