Li Daokui house prices shocked me that the economy is the biggest potential bubble real estate aquaria

Li Daokui: I was shocked by rising prices of real estate bubble is the largest economic potential: Li Daokui China economic miracle can continue, the maximum potential is the real estate bubble in 2016, the global economy is facing new challenges, ample cash and lower interest rates, hitherto unknown, as the world’s second largest economy and the global economy, Chinese breathing in the same environment, but also facing their own problems and opportunities. Some of China’s asset price bubbles burst, such as the stock market, and other asset prices rose at a much higher rate, such as real estate prices. In the industry, part of the backward traditional industry overall growth is weak; but the entrepreneurial innovation industry is still like a raging fire, China forming a business ecosystem and the Silicon Valley that inspired millions of people, the potential of science and technology. Artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, new energy, shared economy, such as the new format has achieved worldwide attention. How high prices, low interest rates in the coming year will affect entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and the public? What are the new engines of China’s economy? Reform of the continued release of dividends will promote China’s economy once again lead the world? Beijing News annual plan see 2017 will interview about 30 economists, government think tanks, talk about their eyes of the Chinese economy in the 2017, to show readers the wind direction of our times. The panelists: Li Daokui – Li Daokui Su Shimin: Tsinghua University college dean, Professor Freeman, director of the center for Economic Research of the world Chinese and Tsinghua University School of economics and management, Harvard University, doctor of economics, served as the monetary policy committee of the people’s Bank of Chinese and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) consultant. October 28th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting pointed out that we must adhere to prudent monetary policy, while maintaining a reasonable liquidity adequacy, focusing on the suppression of asset bubbles and prevent economic and financial risks. For such a new expression of economic circles. The afternoon of October 30th, Li Daokui accepted an interview with the Beijing News reporter at the Tsinghua University Su Shimin college antique basement two. In Li Daokui view, China’s economy is currently the largest asset bubble is real estate, but this does not mean that monetary policy shift. The rapid rise in real estate prices and sales this year has shocked him. He believes that in the future, if the real estate prices continue to rise as in the past two digit rate, then the real estate bubble will become the biggest threat to China’s economy. In the second half of the economic situation this year and next year’s economic situation, he believes that China economic growth stabilized signs of economic rebound previews, but too early. Of course, he is optimistic that China’s economic miracle has been able to continue to create, but need to solve two problems. First, the restoration of manufacturing and private investment, two is a stable exchange rate, China still has the ability to continue to create miracles. Li Daokui expects China’s GDP growth will slow to about 6.6% in 2017. "The short-term monetary policy will not turn the" Beijing News: the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee meeting in October 28th, pointed out the need to adhere to prudent monetary policy, while maintaining reasonably adequate liquidity at the same time, pay attention to prevent asset bubble theory相关的主题文章: