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Lonely people, there will always be happy to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: original literature before every day I go alone, it can not see the end of the road, after work, I will spend an hour on the way to work, every day there will be a different scenery back and forth, hurried ride to work, students across the playing. The roadside cleaning aunt, passing by each company, standing at the door of the uncle smile for you. Of course, the roadside stall busy business people. Yeah, it looks like I’m alone. I do not know which moment, whether others have the same idea with me, you are a lonely person. In this way, at least I have not met the company, Suzhou beautiful scenery, ancient town, bridges, also static, Suzhou is very prosperous, people come and go, in this struggle, in a hurry, but also move, scene of debauchery, perhaps it is these more background people in this city are lonely. Because it is such a place that is full of it respectively, people do not want to really face the people, everyone has their own mind, so we have become a lonely man. When I left Wuxi, there is a good relationship with my colleagues from Anhui, I am from Hunan, I told them for two months, laugh together, play together, spent two months too difficult, like university dormitories, but even so, after two months. I choose the life they want, to leave Wuxi, she sent me to the train station, never say a word, when I train, she hugged me and said "bye bye, may never see, but I think I will not forget you". I suddenly do not know how to answer her this sentence, because I know goodbye is not easy, it is difficult for us to meet the same kind of sincere feelings for interns. After leaving Wuxi, I find a job, we work very busy, there is no regular contact, perhaps we all understand that there is no need to often contact, distance is the distance. I started with the beginning of a new life, started a new job, but the new life is not as good as I thought, between people and people across may not only look so near, everyone here is too cautious, laugh, secretly complain, who told the truth, who really tell you the truth, who it would really help you, there is someone I cannot read, I cannot read these behaviors, do not understand these words, I study hard, carefully speaking. I want to make a friend, time is a very good thing, it will not let you alone, I met new people, some people still smile to me, and then I got about, someone told me a lot of things, although is not clear that it is true. Which sentence is false, but I really don’t care, as long as you like, as long as you want it, just let me no longer lonely. But in this society, this place, back and forth, we come from different places, we do not have the young life here, not just a life, so I haven’t started that they began to leave, the first person I knew to resign first, tell me the truth)相关的主题文章: