Meinian Health said in a statement not suspend the acquisition of Ciming googims

Meinian Health said in a statement not suspend the acquisition of sina App: "Ciming live on-line blogger to guide the opportunity: the crowd participating expert construction Niugu original title: the U.S. health statement is not " suspend the acquisition of" Securities Times News Network (October 23rd), news, Securities Times reporter Zhang Qianyao in the United States health (002044) October 21st evening announcement said, because the Ministry of Commerce on antitrust investigation is still in the normal review process, according to the normal process also requires a certain time required to obtain the relevant audit, the audit results will exceed the time Chinese Commission feedback response in the time limit (October 20th), in view of this, the company agreed to China to CSRC for the suspension of the review of the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions, for The matters that are subject to the examination and approval of the administrative license shall be promptly applied for the resumption of the examination results. The beauty of Health said: according to the Ministry of Commerce of the procedures required audit time has exceeded the requirements of the SFC feedback time, so this caveat is a supplement to a matter of expediency, the material ready, then restart the application. U.S. health also stressed that the application of the act to suspend non termination, is suspended review is not suspend the acquisition". In the United States on the acquisition of health Ciming has become a reality, the confidence of the results. In order to further enhance the understanding of the company’s minority shareholders and the media on the announcement, to better protect the interests of investors, the company in October 23rd to explain the notice. The company said, first, the Ministry of Commerce on antitrust investigation is still in the normal process, get the audit results time will be more than the provisions of the Commission in the feedback time limit is expected (October 20th), in accordance with the "Chinese commission the implementation of administrative licensing procedures", approved by the board of directors, the company take the initiative to apply for suspension of the review to the commission the equivalent of a will, because waiting to apply for supplementary materials "deferred", rather than "terminate the application", but not "shut up"". After completing the application materials, the company may apply for restoration of the administrative licensing examination. Second, as of today, the United States has held health Ciming checkup group 27.78% of the shares, the controlling shareholders actual health through its assets and the way investment has Tianyi dimension actually held the Ciming checkup group 68.4% of the shares. During the above matters for beauty, health and the actual controller of Ciming physical business collaboration and integration work according to the plan normally. Insiders said that the Ministry of commerce is currently investigating the normal procedures, the need to collect relevant information on the market, the United States this year, the health of this initiative is to fall into the process of measures, does not constitute a substantial impact. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: