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Modular design is the intelligent mobile phone in the future? – Sohu Technology Association held the afternoon of September 6th Moto Z Z Play China to release, this is a modular mobile phone, while Reuters came Google will suspend the modular mobile phone Project Ara (link) news. | modular mobile phone concept — Google Project Ara moto Z released the mobile phone module heat again to a new height, but in fact, the term was first proposed by Google – Google Project Ara. Google originally conceived of the modular system is the whole system of mobile phones, as the year to play the same assembly computer, including CPU, memory, camera module, audio module, etc., all can be modular customization. Google originally conceived of the mobile phone module is like this: Figure 1 Google modular mobile phone concept but the computer does not play the real modular, mobile phone how to play it? Volume constraints, design, stability and other constraints on the development of Google modular mobile phone. Compared with the technical limitations, Google modular mobile phone application positioning is not clear embarrassment is the biggest problem Google modular phone. After all, who needs a mobile phone that can replace CPU? While there are rumors that Google has stopped out of a modular mobile phone R & D work, although the news credibility is not high, but after all, Weakness lends wings to rumours. Most of the time, great ideas may not be able to achieve in the hands of people who have ideas, but great ideas finally will be realized, such as the 2011 launch of Motorola’s ME860 has fingerprint recognition, but there was no fire. So what about the modularity? | modular mobile phone attempt — LG G5 in early 2016, LG released its own flagship LG G5, the mobile phone is the main selling point of modular customization. The whole system is different from the Google customized module, LG uses a similar to the interchangeable lens camera strategy in the mobile phone "Chin" position made a pluggable interface. Through this interface, users can replace the accessories customized according to their needs, support hot plug. Accessories released with the phone include a self timer and a hifi module. Figure 2 LG G5 module replacement LG G5 may be learned from the failure of Google modular mobile phone design lessons. In order to control the shape and volume, the hifi module and the self timer handle are chosen to be relatively conservative. To do so, LG G5 ensures that the mobile phone is still a harmonious unity, instead of Google mobile phone as the concept of split split. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. LG G5 mobile phone while avoiding the influence caused by the modular design for the mobile phone itself, but also can only design the function of chicken ribs. The product itself is not clear functional positioning, and how to expect it to get the market sought after? LG G5 market reaction also confirms this point. Its relative.相关的主题文章: