Online shopping fraud may ask for 3 times the compensation

In case of online shopping fraud may require 3 times compensation – Beijing newspaper news (intern reporter Wang Tianqi) "double 11" just past, users have suffered electricity supplier fraud when shopping, clearly marked price of goods, payment and found prices even to restore the original price. City Intermediate People’s court judge reminded: in this case, consumers can ask for return and cable 3 times compensation. The city court had such a case: Zhang found that when browsing the web, the original price of an e-commerce company sold 128 yuan price of 68 yuan in the charger, the charger into the shopping cart, and in second days in the shopping cart includes a charger of commodities, paid the money. Subsequently, Zhang in the query shopping information inadvertently found the charger for the price of 98 yuan, so to court for compensation of 500 yuan in the e-commerce company on the grounds of fraud. In this regard, the e-commerce company argued that the price of the charger is actually 98 yuan, due to staff errors marked into a $68. During the trial, the e-commerce company did not submit valid evidence of the price of the employee error proof. The court found that the existence of e-commerce fraud, the court upheld the court’s request for litigation. The judge explained, according to the provisions of the consumer protection law, operators to provide goods or services related to quality, performance, use, price, duration and other information to consumers, should be true and complete, not false or misleading propaganda. If a party intentionally informs the other party of the false situation, or intentionally conceal the true situation, induce the other party to make the wrong meaning, it can be identified as fraud. If the operators to provide goods or services fraud, consumers have the right to request the refund and return the request for additional compensation for 3 times, increasing the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase price of goods or services received fees; increase the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan calculated by 500 yuan.相关的主题文章: