Overseas Chinese at home and abroad overseas Chinese held in Wuhan, Sun Zhongshan and the Chinese ne incubus

Overseas Chinese at home and abroad overseas Chinese held in Wuhan, "Sun Zhongshan and the overseas Chinese" commemorative activities – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan (reporter Cao Xufeng) in November 14, five overseas Chinese city of Wuhan city and Zhongshan City, Beijing City, Guangzhou City, Nanjing City, 14 in Wuhan Zhongshan warship Museum held a commemoration of Sun Zhongshan and overseas Chinese ". More than 20 overseas Chinese from Australia, Malaysia, Britain, the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Hongkong and other places to participate in activities. The event was exhibited on the more than and 200 (pieces) of pictures and objects, to reproduce the revolutionary footprint of Mr. Sun Zhongshan in the five cities. Among them, there will be a Shanghai Pudong development idea of the east port in 1919 by Mr. Sun Zhongshan English wrote "industrial plan" in the book, as well as Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen as the hub of the Chinese railway construction pattern, attracted a lot of attention overseas chinese. "I am 81 years old this year, and see Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s proposition of rejuvenating the country by industry." The Australian Overseas Chinese, Zhongshan Association of Australia executive chairman Ruan Xiaoyu said that Mr Sun Zhongshan’s early years in overseas Chinese around the world, help, come into contact with many advanced countries construction experience, and written into the "industrial plan" in one book, lay a solid foundation for the development of modern society Chinese. Zhongshan Warship Museum in Wuhan for the first time to see the Zhongshan ship, the 70 year old secretary general of the association of Zhongshan,, Tan Zhijiang is very excited. "My father was young as" piggy "sold to Malaysia, suffered the pain of poverty and weak." Tan Zhijiang said that Mr. Sun Zhongshan was in the "industrial plan" in the book, is proposed for 10 years to build the 200 thousand km railway idea, infected father a large number of overseas Chinese, many overseas Chinese all the property with Mr Sun Zhongshan. The same day, "Sun Zhongshan and Wuhan" Book launching ceremony was held at the same time, the book details Sun Zhongshan’s speech in Wuhan, Hubei in the reception room and the site of the former residence of Song Qingling etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: